FIVE main reasons why you would want to reconsider having a baby in your twenties

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 Main reasons why you would want to reconsider having a baby in your twenties

1. Lack of sleep
Being sleep deprived is actually no joke. After I first gave birth to my daughter, I figured out I was going to be forced to say goodbye to sleep. Especially for the first three months. I got sleep approximately every other two hours due to the fact that she’s breastfed. That made things highly uncomfortable for me personally.

2. Cries
This certainly will drive you up a wall. Typically you simply will not know the reason for the crying. If you’re aggravated easily then a baby is not for you. Especially not at the moment since you’re currently not tolerable to things of that kind as of yet.

3. Constant demand for attention
Babies are a whole lot of work. They require loads of attention, mostly in the beginning. If you’re not willing to give just about all your undivided attention to your little one then that’s a sign that you’re not ready.

4. Touchy-Feely
Babies are extremely touchy-feely. They pull on, yank, and grab on any and everything as they desire. If you’re not totally prepared to put away all of your valuables then please do not prepare to have unprotected sex and have a baby.

5. Sickness
Babies are very gentle & fragile. They can get sick easily as a result of their immature immune system. The only thing attempting to protect your baby are antibodies a.k.a immunoglobulins. These are created by plasma cells and memory B cells. They help guard the body from infections by pinpointing and neutralizing the virus or bacteria by physically attaching to it. At birth a good number of the antibodies in the baby come from the mother in the form of IgG – the only form that crosses the placenta from mother to child.

The older the baby becomes the more mature his/her immune system will get. So this could mean that you may be spending a lot of your time at the hospital or the local doctor’s office. If you’re not prepared for hospital visits or long hours at the doctor’s office then please wait on having a baby.

You’re probably asking yourself like “damn, are there are pros to being a mother?” Well it seems like there’s good news for you future mommy.

If you choose to become a stay-at-home-mom then motherhood can be very rewarding for you. CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING BELOW:

a) You do not have to depend on anyone to take care of your baby.
b) You can save hundreds of dollars that would’ve been used for childcare expenses.
c) You have a lot of time that will be used to bond with your baby.
d) You may learn about your little one and you’ll be able to literally see them grow right before your eyes.
e) You won’t need to beg your boss to take the baby to all of their doctors’ appointments. You’ll be able to go to every single one of them.
(Attention: If you’re a working mom then do not worry because you will still be able to bond with your little one.)

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