I do or I do… not. Marriage do’s and don’t.

Almost everyone desires to get married.


Marriage is when two individuals that love each other deeply make a commitment and decide to be with one another for the remainder of their life. Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t always turn out to be a good thing. Quite a few marriages end terribly. Here’s a list of simple marriage do’s and don’ts.

5 Simple marriage DO NOT’s:


  • Do not make your significant other feel like they’re doing everything by their self. Marriage is a partnership. The two of you are a team, not opponents. You have to build one another up instead of trying to tear each other down.
  • Do not make important decisions without informing your other half. Once you get married it becomes “US” and “WE” not “I” and “ME”. This is a very important tip a lot of people fail to realize. Like I stated above, marriage is a collaboration.
  • Do not let the romance die. You have to keep it sexy, exciting, electrifying, you always have to keep the fire burning. If you let the romance die out then you guys will most likely not last.
  • Do not run off and tell your family or friends your relationship complications. If you have beef with your lover then address them directly instead of spreading your business. (COMMUNICATION is a key factor when it comes to being married.)
  • Do not take your spouse for granted.



5 Simple marriage DO’s:

  • Do be honest with your spouse about everything. Talk to your mate about any issues that you may have with them. Don’t try to keep secrets or cover up anything because everything will come to the light eventually.
  • Do treat them with respect and make them feel appreciated. Show them that you love them.
  • Do give them attention. Nobody wants to feel like their mate doesn’t care about them. It’s a very unpleasant feeling.
  • Do spend time with one another. There’s nothing like some good ol’ quality time. Do couple activities with each other like for instance,  go out on dates, participate in fun activities, or plan an inexpensive picnic, which could be very delightful. Always keep things hot and spicy.
  • Do hold each other down. Marriage requires teamwork, you guys will have to fight for each other, and be there for one another. It’s really difficult but that’s a part of marriage. You guys need to have each other’s back.



I am hoping that you guys enjoyed reading this short article. If you have any other tips, I highly recommend that you feel free to leave a comment below. LIKE, SHARE, AND COMMENT BELOW.



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