Breastfeeding is a healthy alternative way for feeding your baby, breast milk is very healthy compared to formula. It has many great benefits. It also shrinks your uterus within a few months after giving birth. Dozens of people come up to me completely amazed at how I slimmed up so fast. With a great work out routine & breastfeeding as my diet, I’ve managed to bounce back to my regular size and my stomach is firm. It doesn’t look like completely the same but I look fucking GREATTTTTT. Absolutely ZERO baby gut! 

Breastfeeding is all fun & games until the baby starts to grow teeth. You may start to think to yourself, “hmmm is this really for me? Do I really want to do it?“. Let me tell you tell you everything that doctors MAY NOT tell you about breastfeeding. Sure, breastfeeding has a lot of pros but let’s talk about the cons. ( Personally, I like to hear the bad stuff before I hear the “good” stuff.)


Here’s a list of 6 things that Doctors MAY NOT tell you about breastfeeding:

(Sidebar: You might want to hold off on nursing your little one. After reading this list)



 Doctors will try to encourage and try to force you to breastfeed but they fail to mention how difficult it is to wean your child. What is weaning? Weaning is when you slowly introduce your child to being bottle fed rather than breast-fed.

(Personal Tip: Have a family member or a close friend help you wean the baby. DO NOT TRY TO WEAN THE BABY BY YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU WILL END UP LIKE ME & END UP GETTING STUCK BREASTFEEDING. My family is an hour away and I had very little outside help to wean my daughter.)


 You’d be without your menstrual for possibly 6+ months.

(Believe me, my daughter is 12+ months and I still haven’t seen a drop of blood since I gave birth naturally. Although I may not see any blood, I still get light cramping every now & then.)


 You would probably be experience some hot flashes like you’re going through premature menopause. It’s not only unexpected but it’s highly uncomfortable.


 Due to breastfeeding your body will produce low estrogen, in other words you won’t really produce any vaginal wetness. This makes sex very uncomfortable. You have to use a lubricant to make it somewhat enjoyable. Honey, you will be dry as a desert! So hurry up and purchase the lubeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Then again, also due to breastfeeding, you will have a decreased libido. Decreased libido means that you have a low sex drive. So maybe you won’t need to pick up any lube since you will not crave sex.

  • ITCHY:

The nipple will begin to get very itchy. Some days it will be very unbearable. Make sure you have nipple pads and nipple cream on standby. When your child begins to get teeth, that’s even worst! Not only will your nipples be tender & itchy, it will also be swollen due to the biting.


If you’re not pumping your milk into a bottle and your child is fed directly from the breast, well get ready for the most annoying sh*t you’ve ever had to experience. On demand feelings mean that whenever your child is hungry, you feed them. It can be 2AM or 6PM. They don’t have a set schedule. Whenever the baby wants to eat then you have to feed them.  It can range from 6-12 times a day. How exhausting?


Now that you know all of this…. The question still remains….


Do you still want to breastfeed?


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