Top 5 Reasons Why A Mother May Be Feeling Unappreciated: (Solutions Included)

Top 5 Reasons Why A Mother May Be Feeling Unappreciated & Solutions-

As a mother, I completely understand why a lot of mothers may feel unappreciated. So I’ve created a list of the top 5 reasons why a mother may be feeling unappreciated.

(I also listed ways on how you can help.)

1. Doing Everything:

The mother may feel like she’s doing everything by herself. She carried the baby for 9 whole months and she had to birth the baby. Now that the baby is here, she cleans the baby, feeds the baby, burps the baby, ends up losing a large amount of sleep because of the baby and etc. On top of doing all of that, she will have to attempt to keep her sanity and attempt to live her own life. If she’s the main one that’s always doing all of those things, then of course she will feel like she’s doing everything by herself. It’s extremely exhausting.

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How can you help?

Watch after the baby for a few hours while the mother goes out. You can also treat the mother, offer to pay for a nice manicure and pedicure. You can help out more with baby related tasks, such as taking the baby to doctors’ appointments, picking up baby food, giving the baby a bath, or even purchasing baby wipes and diapers. The mother will be very grateful.

2. Lack Of Quality Time :

 Due to the baby, the mother is often “expected” to watch after the baby while the father is out working or handling his business. So of course there will be a lot of built up stress and tension due to the father not really being around as much. The mother needs some quality time with the father. She wants things to be like before you guys had a child. She wants to go out with you and spend time with you, like before.

How can you help?

You can by setting up a romantic date. Get a trusted person to watch after your little one, while you two are out enjoying your much neededyou” time. Also, let her go out and socialize with some friends while you look after the little one. She needs a break every now and then just to be reminded that she is human.

3. Lack of rest:


 If the mother is up all night with the baby so that the father can sleep, that most likely means that she’s losing a great amount of valuable sleep.  A good night’s sleep is very important. It will help her wake up and be more positive. She will most likely not be angry or “bitchy“. She will feel rejuvenated and will be able to get things done without complaining or nagging. If the father isn’t telling the mother that he appreciates her SACRIFICING her sleep just so he can get his, then she will feel like he doesn’t give a shit.

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How can you help?

If you see that the mother is extremely exhausted, take the baby and go for a stroll in the neighborhood. Take care of chores with the baby. Allow the mother to get a few hours of uninterrupted rest. This small favor will make the mother very happy. She’ll be very grateful and it will show.

4. Maid Duties:

Taking care of a baby is already difficult enough, try cooking a meal with a screaming needy child glued to your hip. Try to clean the bathroom while your screaming child is throwing a fit. It’s extremely hard to focus on anything while you have a yelling miniature version of you in your ear. That brings on an enormous amount of stress.

How can you help?

Assist with cleaning, or cooking. It’s not rocket science, one person handles the light work & tends to the baby while the other person tackles the harder tasks. TEAMWORK is the answer!

5. Little Support:

Mothers need support in order to get the motivation to keep going. They need to feel supported and appreciated. Mothers already go through a lot just to have a baby, the last thing they need is to feel as if they have no one in their corner. It’s a lonely feeling.

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How can you help?

If you see the mother looking like she may be ready to give up then reassure her that everything will be okay. Let her know that she will be fine. Tell her everything that she’s doing right so that she can stop focusing on everything she’s doing wrong. She needs to hear things like that. A little support can go a long way.

I wrote this post because I want Postpartum Depression to end! Studies have proven that in communities where there is more support and more people helping out, that there are less cases of Postpartum Depression. So with that being said, if you witness a mother in distress, please do not stand around letting her mentally deteriorate, HELP OUT!

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1 thought on “Top 5 Reasons Why A Mother May Be Feeling Unappreciated: (Solutions Included)”

  1. This story really moved me, I am a stay at home mom and I feel very unappreciated. This brightened my day. Please post more stories like this. END PPD!


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