My Natural Hair Journey: (Personal Experience + Helpful Tips)

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My Natural Hair Journey:

(Personal Experience + Helpful Tips)

(I provided links so that you will be able to purchase these products. Thank me later.)

As the years flew by, females from all over have began to chop off all of their permed or damaged hair, in order to grow new healthy hair. Females from all over have began been embracing their natural hair in its natural state. It has become extremely trendy.  I am one of these women. In 2013 I did the big chop, it was one of the best decisions that I had ever made. I was bald for a few months before allowing my hair to grow back. As a proud member of the natural hair society, I would like to share a few things with you guys.

(This is not to be taken as a shot or anything so please do not get your panties in a bunch.)

sbs-110210When I was in the 5th grade my mother decided to give me a perm for my graduation. I didn’t think of the all of the negatives from perming my hair. I was young and naive. So of course I agreed to whatever she wanted to do. So that I could have tamable hair. We purchased a box of Just For Me children’s relaxer. Honestly, it did not take well, being that I never had a relaxer before. So I walked around looking like a damn shaggy dog. (Since I was cute, I think I looked like a pretty poodle.)


sbs-311098As I got older, I’ve began to experiment with perms from different companies. I experimented with the organic root stimulator Olive Oil Normal Relaxer System relaxer. It made my hair super soft. I just wasn’t into it. After a while, my hair did not seem to take it. In the black community, this relaxer is very popular.



I also experimented with  Africa’s Best No Lye Regular Relaxer System. This was my favorite one. My mother uses this one and It would tame my coarse hair. I didn’t even have to purchase the “super” relaxer. Super relaxers are designed for extremely coarse hair. If you’re reading this and would like to purchase a relaxer, in my opinion, this is honestly the perfect one.

In the summer of 2013, I decided to do the big chop. I didn’t just cut off all of my permed ends, honey, I shaved my whole head. I literally started from the bottom. It was so refreshing.

bald kiema
Captured in July 2013. Captured by Fresh Pixx Photography Model: Me (My personal instagram is @officialshakiema.)

I would hop in the shower without a shower cap. Oh how I loved that. My hair would be dry immediately after getting out of the shower. I was bald from all of July and August 2013. I finally allowed my hair to start growing in September 2013.

Let’s speed things up a bit

With my hair growing, I had to discover what products actually worked for my hair. You will have to experiment with all types of products. I tried probably over 30 different products. My hair was a special kind of hair. (I will list my favorite products at the bottom of this post.)

I researched online for hours… days…weeks… and even months. I found a few helpful tips and some other natural hair females recommended a lot of great DIY treatments. Everyone knows that natural hair is somewhat expensive to take care of. The products that they have available for people with natural hair is somewhat expensive. Like… it is way cheaper to just go back to a relaxer. (HA! Hell No! I didn’t go through all of this just to go back to perms.) I love a challenge, my hair became my challenge.

kiema shrink
Captured in 2015. This is what SHRINKAGE looks like.

Shrinkage is a mother f***er!

kiema str8
When I flat ironed my hair, while pregnant. Captured: 2016

All natural haired females will experience shrinkage. Shrinkage is when your hair curls up and appears to be shorter than what it actually it is. Your hair may shrink when it’s wet or when it’s humid outside. Don’t feel bad hon, we all go through it. I’ve experienced so many ignorant comments from people such as, “Ohhhhh did you get a haircut?”. In my head I would be like “No stupid, it’s just shrinkage”. To my surprise, you would be shocked how many ignorant comments you will receive from other black people. (Get ready, there are many ignorant individuals among us.)

But, if you were to flat iron your hair, then your true hair length would show. You’d put all of those people with their negative remarks TO SHAME!

Captured: In 2015, before I was pregnant. I already had a decent amount of hair.

In 2015 I found out I was pregnant. My hair was at a decent length already but it started growing rapidly with the new pregnancy. After I gave birth, I did experience some shedding but nothing out of the ordinary.  (Another cause of hair shedding after pregnancy is when you stop taking your Prenatal. Prenatal vitamins also assist you with your hair growth.)

When I was 5 months pregnant. November 19th, 2015. My hair was super thick and healthy.
Summer 2016, After I had my daughter.

I refuse to go to a salon and let them slather some unknown product in my hair. I had a facebook friend who went to a Dominican salon and she found out that they had put some unknown mixture in her hair that contained an inexpensive relaxer. They literally put a relaxer in her natural hair and she was completely unaware. Ladies please be careful where you go. Not everyone knows how to work with kinky/coarse hair. (Not all Dominican salons do that but be very aware, some Dominican salons put relaxers in their treatments.)

I also refuse to go to a natural hair salon and break the bank. Some of these natural hair salons like to OVERCHARGE you just because your hair is thick. They will turn a $25.00 wash & set to a $65.00 wash & set. (Some places are worth it but I’m EXTREMELY cheap, I never pay for something that I know I can do in the comfort of my own damn house.)

Anyway, I began dying my hair with Clairol Texture & Tones (it’s ideal for natural haired females). I began dying my hair to calculate my growth. I was satisfied.  I love my growth.

I created the ultimate natural bun. Captured: Late Summer of 2016

Helpful tips on how to take care of natural hair:

Healthy ways to grow hair:

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Eat fruits & vegetables.
  3. Take vitamins.

Salon treatments at home:

  1. Trim your own ends every 3-6 months.
  2. Shampoo your hair at least once or twice a month. Co wash your hair every other week. Shampooing your hair too frequently can strip your hair.
  3. Want to curl your hair? Spray your hair with water, add some leave in conditioner, and use a leave in conditioner. Wrap your hair in a bonnet or scarf and then leave it like that overnight. OR… you can damp your hair with water, add some leave in conditioner, twist your hair and leave it like that overnight. Take it out in the morning and viola!

How to avoid heat damage:

  1. Use minimum heat. If you would like to flat iron your hair, use it about once a month. Don’t use it too frequently. When you do flat iron it try using coconut oil or olive oil. (Not the spray, use the legit kinds from the grocery store.)
  2. If you use blow dryers then use it on the COOL setting. I prefer air drying, in order to prevent getting heat damage.

How to avoid breakage:

  1. Minimize rubberband usage. Purchase a elastic hair tie instead. (Elastic hair tie = scrunchie.)
  2. Use a bonnet or head scarf when going to sleep.

Here’s my personal natural hair care routine:

I trim my own ends approximately every 3-6 months.  Every time I get ready to style my hair, I use a small combination of Coconut oil and water from a spray bottle. To make things easier, I spray my hair with the water then I scoop a medium sized amount of Coconut oil in my hand. I rub my hands together then spread it evenly through my damp hair. Then I will add a little bit of Eco Olive Oil Hair Gel and style it however I desire.

Here’s a list of my favorite natural hair care products:

(I shop at Shop!Sally Beauty, they have a wide variety of everything. So I provided links for you ladies. Thank me later.)


sbs-483104Olive Oil Eco Styling Gel: Ideal for styling natural hair. It does not flake up. I’ve been using this product for years. You can purchase it at Sally Beauty (Click Here)

Cantu Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream: Makes your hair super soft & it smells good. You can purchase it at Sally Beauty (Click Here)


Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay: Ideal for fleeking those edges babyyyyyy. I’ve only been using this product for a short time, so far it does not flake up. That is a great sign. You can purchase it at Sally Beauty (Click Here)


Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer: This is my absolute favoriteeeeeeeee. I use it like 3 times a week. I didn’t want to believe the “hype” but it actually worked. You can purchase it at Sally Beauty (Click Here).

What are your favorite natural hair products? What is your natural hair journey like?


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4 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey: (Personal Experience + Helpful Tips)”

    1. Any one of these vitamins are great:
      Biotin It is a water-soluble vitamin that supports the growth of hair, skin and nails. (They have Do-It-Yourself recipes on how to make a conditioner with these vitamins.)
      Healthy Hair Growth & Retention Vitamins from The Mane Choice These are very popular. (I personally haven’t tried this one yet. Here’s a link for more details:The Mane Choice: Healthy Hair Growth & Retention Vitamins )

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  1. Your routine is similar to mines except I use shea moisture with my hair because it takes better than cantu. But yesss and your are as beautiful as ever!

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