The Purpose Of Life : My Personal Opinion 

We are all searching for the meaning & purpose of life. People often ask me for my perspective on life. So I decided to turn it into a short blog post. 

Here is my personal opinion:

Life is all about experience

What does that mean?

Travel to different places, make friends with cool outgoing people, go out, & live your life to the fullest. 

You have to make life as fabulous and fun as possible! You have to go discover all of the beautiful things that this world has to offer.  

This world is full of mystery and filled with so much beauty. You just have to explore and find out for yourself.

Please don’t be the person who stays home or stays on the “block”. You should never limit yourself. Do not be the person who waits for things to happen.  People like that have already limited their self. They are comfortable with being home and refuse to step outside of their comfort zone. 

Those same people look at others and begin to be envious of their outgoing ways. Yet, they fail to realize that they are in control of their life. Too bad they’re too mentally and physically lazy to even make an effort to change and be more outgoing.  
So with that being said, life is far too short to be anything but happy. Go out and live it up! 

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