7 Things NOT To Do While You’re In A Relationship

7 Things NOT To Do While You’re In A Relationship


giphy1. Do not take advice from your single friends or single family members

Let’s be real, most of the time they are already feeling a certain way because almost everyone is in a relationship besides them. So whenever you try to go and vent to them, they will most likely give you terrible advice. Some people do it on purpose and other people just can’t help themselves. My solution: Vent to someone who actually cares, or vent to your significant other and work it out like the adults that you are.

2. Do not suffocate your spouse

You should give them some free time. If you guys have children then one parent should look after their kids while the other parent goes out and vice versa. It needs to be fair.

3. Do not ignore your mate’s feelingsgiphy1

One of the biggest relationship killers is lack of understanding. You have to take the initiative to actually understand their side of things and their point of view. If your significant other is expressing themselves to you then don’t be a jerk, you should listen. You should take their feelings into consideration. No one likes to be ignored and nobody likes being in a relationship with a self-absorbed asshole.

4. Do not attempt to have a perfect relationship

In all reality, no relationship is perfect. No one is telling you that it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship, I’m just stating the fact that all relationships have flaws. So it’s okay if your relationship is not perfect, just as longs as you guys are happy.

5. Do not be ungrateful giphy2

If your spouse is always taking care of you, spoiling you, then show them some appreciation. You should make them feel the same way that you felt while they were caring for you and spoiling you.

6. Do not focus on the cons

Try not to think about all of the stuff that is going wrong in your relationship and start appreciating all of the positive things that’s going on. If the pros are outweighing all of the cons then you should only be focusing on the pros.

7. Do not compare your relationship to other people relationships

Comparing relationships is extremely negative. Everyone’s relationship is different. Have you ever heard the saying “everything that glitters isn’t gold”. A lot of people like to portray their relationship as if it’s super great when in reality, their relationship is in absolute shambles. So with that being said, you shouldn’t compare your relationship to another person’s relationship.


One thing that you should absolutely do while in a relationship…… is to focus on your relationship and keep others out of your business!



Do you have any relationship Do’s and Don’ts? Comment yours below.




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