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Give it a Try or Do Not Buy? Dazz Cleaning Tablets – TMG Product Review

Give it a Try or Do Not Buy?

‘Dazz Cleaning Tablets’ – TMG Product Review

(Disclaimer: As a Dazz Cleaner influencer, I receive products, promotional items and educational material to use and share as I see fit. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.)

Hey guys, so as a mother, I know how difficult it can be to find an ideal product that is both child friendly and eco-friendly to clean the house with. As well as budget friendly… because you know… my significant other and I have bills, we also have so many basic needs that have to be purchased. So you already know that we cannot afford to blow our money on certain things.

We also had to throw out a large amount of products that contained harsh chemicals and had to start hunting for a good quality product. The main reason we did that was because our 18 month old daughter has severe eczema. (She literally breaks out from almost anything! A lot of cleaning products contain a ton of harsh chemicals that will leave behind residue. Thanks to the left behind residue, our daughter began breaking out again.)

pet_safe_cleanersI kid you not, trying to find the perfect household cleaning products is costly, time consuming, and requires a lot of research. I most certainly went insane! I was drained mentally and physically from rushing my daughter to the pediatrician almost EVERY WEEK, due to her horrible eczema. We almost gave up the hunt for a eco-friendly, budget friendly, good quality, and child safe cleaning product. That was until we discovered Dazz Cleaning.


Who is Dazz Cleaning?

Dazz Cleaning is the world’s first eco-friendly, child safe and pet safe household cleaning products. They do not use any harsh chemicals in their cleaning solutions or cleaning tablets. They also do not leave any residue.

Are Dazz Cleaning products pricey?

Absolutely NOT. They are extremely budget friendly, it is under $10.00. It is only $7.99 for a Dazz Cleaning Tablets subscription box on cratejoy.  It was just what we were looking for. The awesome thing about Dazz Cleaning tablets is that it’s non toxic, and both Child & pet safe. As well as extremely affordable.That was a dream come true. So you guys should already know that themelaningawddess had to give it a try.

This is what came in my subscription box. Follow me on instagram for more @OfficialShakiema.

Here’s how it works: 


1. You place the tablets in the empty spray bottle.

This is what it looks like after the tablets finally dissolved – Follow me on instagram for more photos @OfficialShakiema

2. Fill up the bottle with warm water.


3. Wait for the tablets to dissolve, approximately 3-5 minutes.

4. Put the nozzle.

5. You’re ready to start using the solution and cleaning the house.

Additional Information…

Not only is this product super easy to mix together, it is also easy to use, and it smells so amazing. It will make cleaning exciting, so you will end up actually looking forward to cleaning.

It also does not leave any residue. My little one no longer breaks out. This product is ideal for parents like us. You should give it a try. You can purchase Dazz Cleaning Tablets at this link here:


Is this product worth a try or not to buy? This product is definitely a BUY & TRY!.

(ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It is only $7.99 a month – who could beat that? Order yours today!!!!)

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