My New Year’s Resolution: Executing My Long-Term & Short-Term Goals


My New Year’s Resolution:

Executing My Long-Term & Short-Term Goals


Typically, I do not believe in the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing, merely because I never really stick to it. However, things are very different this time around. Just like I mentioned in my most recently released post “LIFE UPDATES, UPCOMING PROJECTS, & MUCH MORE”, I have created a list of long-term and short-term goals and objectives for me to carry out for the year of 2018.

May I share just a couple with you guys?


Three Of My Short-term Goals For 2018

(Execution time frame: 0-3 months)


1. Write a lot more as well as stay committed:

In my opinion, I really need to start writing a lot more, I have already been contemplating numerous topics and with a small toddler who requires plenty of attention, I usually wind up taking a break from writing a draft. After that next thing I know, a week has flown by and I’m still working on my third sentence.

This New Year I look forward to actually preparing all my drafts in a timely manner as well as publishing my blog posts on time.


2. Create a financial savings plan and stay with the plan:

Everyone understands how horrendously expensive it is to have a child, especially a small one.

This New Year I have plans for developing a fantastic savings plan and actually adhering to it, regardless of the monthly bills. I really want my small family to have the time and expense to begin engaging in great things.


3. Appointments:


Self-care is really important. I missed a couple of pre arranged appointments this year for quite a few reasons. Just to clear the air, I never ever miss my daughter’s appointments but mines…. Dude, just forget about it.

I refuse to allow anything to stop me from my appointments this New Year.



Three Of My Long-term Goals For 2018

(Execution time frame 3 months – 1 year)


1. Launch my online shop:

Just like I explained in my latest post “LIFE UPDATES, UPCOMING PROJECTS, & MUCH MORE“, I have been working very long and hard on opening up my brand new handmade products store that will be called “Krafted By Kie”. It is going to feature Diaper Cakes, Knitted Items, Organic Soap, Gift boxes, etc.

I intend on finalizing my shop and having it released by February. If not February then by May.

2. Start college or register for a program and complete it:

While I was M.I.A (missing in action), I sat down and thought about what I truly wanted to do with my life. I recently harvested an intense interest towards “Public Relations”.

So now I figured out what I want to study, I really need to do loads of research and find a training course or college that majors in that area as well as enroll.

3. Publish Hard Copy Books:

I really love writing, I have made a decision to create a few short books about some of my own personal encounters.  I have already begun working on my second book. I am extremely thrilled and I cannot wait to release it. I would like this book to be hard copy, so let’s see how it goes.

I would like to publish approximately three books this New Year.

My very first book was a motivational ebook to help individuals to steer clear of negativity and become much more motivated.

You can purchase my e-book, Get Up: How To Improve Self-Motivation & Obtain A Positive Mindset for only $2.99 on Amazon at:


What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?

Comment your response.




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