Our Top 5 Customer Service Tips

TOP 5 CUSTOMER SERVICEOur Top 5 Customer Service Tips

(Disclosure: UserIQ sponsored this post. However, all opinions are mines.)


With the New Year finally in motion, this means that there will be plenty of different opportunities presenting itself. These new ventures could be an assortment of things however right now we are going to be concentrating on job opportunities.

That being said, I would really like to help prepare you guys for these new employment opportunities by providing you guys with a few tips in relation to customer service:

Tip 1:

Smiling is key –

You must be extremely friendly and have outstanding interpersonal skills. Smiling tends to make the customers or clients feel much more welcomed.

(I .e. just imagine you enter a hotel and none of the staff members are smiling, do you think you would feel welcomed? Nope! You wouldn’t even reserve a room, you are going to without doubt turn around and walk back out the entrance. )

Tip 2:

Problem solving –

You must be prepared to find an answer most of the questions that your customers or clients could possibly have. Nobody likes to feel clueless. You should not leave the customers feeling lost. Just in case you do not have the answer, then try your very best to look for a solution to no matter what the dilemma could be.

Tip 3:

Use positive language –

When it comes to customer service it is advisable to make an effort to dispose of words like “can’t, don’t, and won’t” from your vocabulary. Those words are considered negative words. Words like that usually make the customer feel like you do not want to help them. It makes it look like you do not care.

This tip is extremely important because customers need to know that you do care.

Tip 4:

Greet the customers –

It is important to greet the customers the moment you start to see them. Like I mentioned before, it is going to help make the customers feel welcomed. This is very important.

Tip 5:

Above and beyond –

By going the extra mile, it implies that you value the customers and that you care about your job. This basically indicates that you are able to accomplish a lot more than what is expected of you. Going above and beyond is also great when it comes to accommodating the customer’s wants and needs.


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Thank you for reading.

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