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Our Top 5 Emergency Preparation Tips

(Disclosure: My Patriot Supply sponsored this post. However, all opinions are mines.)

There is such an abundance of chaos taking place now and days. So many natural catastrophes occurring in the world today. Which include hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. It is advisable to ensure that you are well equipped for whenever it may occur.


Therefore, are you prepared?

You need to be prepared mainly because these forms of disasters can take place at any given moment.

These natural disasters can:

  • leave you stranded (I.e. the storm may knock down all of the trees in your area and then your car will be totaled.)
  • leave you without food or water (I.e. the storm can destroy the local supermarket and contaminate your water system by bringing in the toxic water from the ocean.)
  • leave you without electricity. (I.e. a powerful hurricane or tornado could tear down the electricity poles in your neighborhood.)
  • leave you homeless (I.e. a strong storm can destroy your beautiful home.)


Although you do not want any of those things to happen, please believe that it can happen, especially if the storm is powerful enough. So now you have to make sure that you’re well prepared.

Here’s how can you prepare yourself:


Pack a to-go bag – 

Make sure that you have a small to-go bag packed. In cases where something does wind up happening, you should be completely ready to pick up that bag and go! Do not forget to pack the kids to go bags at the same time. (Not a suitcase, just simply a small bag will be alright. Make sure you have approximately three outfits inside of the bag.)



Keep batteries –

Batteries are extremely important. It is best to keep batteries available in the household. On top of that, it is vital to always keep a battery functioned flashlight in the household. By doing that, just in case your power is knocked out, then you will still have some form of lighting in your home. (You may also keep several batteries within your to go bag.)



Keep an emergency kit inside of the house –

What is typically inside of an emergency kit? A first aid kit, glow sticks, candles & matches, wrench, blanket, etc. It is best to have one so you would not be confused when a natural disaster does happen. Some emergency kits even include drinking water and even canned goods. For that reason, you should definitely add those to your kit. (You can either create your very own or purchase one from somewhere.)



Stash some cash –

You should always put some cash away on the side. Lots of people call this method the rainy day savings. In case of an emergency that rainy day savings would certainly come in handy. In case of emergency you could utilize that money to aid you with buying some very useful equipment, etc. (That being said, get started on saving some funds, you will never know when it is going to turn out to be useful.)



Drills –

To help prepare your loved ones for a disastrous situation, you could do regular monthly household drills. (Something similar to fire drills in school, except this time around, you will have creative control. You will need to come with the plan yourself.)



Not many people know what to do when unexpected natural disasters strike, most of us have a tendency to panic. When in panic mode, you end up losing your focus. You do not need to panic because My Patriot Supply is a lifesaver.

With My Patriot Supply, you can now be well prepared for a natural disaster. They offer a wide range of survival supplies as well as emergency preparedness equipment.

Be prepared, and stay safe guys.


Thanks for reading.

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