Mental and Financial Preparation | Before Becoming A Parent You Should…

Almost everyone is having kids. It’s such a joyful moment! Now that you’ve finally decided that you would like to have kids, you need to start getting your life together.

Having said that….


Here’s a list of things you should do mentally and financially before you decide to have kids:


#1 (Mental Preparation)

Understand there’s no manual –

Yup, so now you have to freestyle. I call this the “getting to know your child” process. You will be lost some days, I know that I was. (Sometimes I still am clueless.) That is okay though, you will get the hang of things eventually.

No one on this earth will know your child better than you. You don’t need a manual you just need to have faith and believe in yourself.


#2 (Mental Preparation)

It’s Okay To Miss Out –

After you have a child, you will not have much time to go out with your friends or family. (Unless you have a baby sitter). So… you will most likely end up missing out on a ton fun events. A lot of people tend to forget that it’s okay to miss out on the fun because when it comes to parenting, your child is way more important than a night out drinking with the guys/girls.

(Although, there are a lot of parents who choose partying every weekend than having quality time with their kids, which is extremely sad.)


#3 (Mental Preparation)

Children first –

Being a parent means that you are willing put your child before anything! Your child becomes your number one priority. If you’re not ready to put your child before partying, before luxuries, and before yourself, then you’re not cut out to become a parent! Yup I said it! Priorities!!!!!!!!!!!! Your children are a priority!


#4 (Financial Preparation)

Open A Checking & Savings Account –

You need to make sure that you’re financially stable or at least a little financially stable. Have a bit of money saved up or put aside for the new baby. Diapers, wipes, clothes, medicine, baby lotion, baby wash, etc are not cheap. Remember that!

(If you do not have a savings or a checking, you can sign up for a free checking and savings with Chime Banking. Sign up here:



Becoming a parent is a very special time, it is a blessing. If you are pregnant, congratulations.

Be sure to prepare yourselves mentally and financially.


Thanks for reading.

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