6 Things You Should Do When Your Baby Has Eczema:


Eczema is NO fun! It is already uncomfortable for adults so you could only imagine how uncomfortable it will make your little one.

(Believe me, I know because my daughter has had eczema since she was about one week old. First it started with baby eczema on her face then once she turned one month old, it began to form all over her body. It has been a long rocky road for the both of us.)


Before we begin, let’s discuss Eczema:

What is eczema?

Eczema (also referred to as atopic dermatitis ) is a medical condition where patches of the skin become irritated and inflamed with blisters. Once that occurs the inflamed area will eventually become rough as well as itchy. In many instances, most of these inflamed blister patches will bleed. (When the inflamed blister patches appear, these are called flare-ups.)

What causes eczema?

Eczema has an excessive amount of triggers. Therefore, trying to figure out what leads to your child’s eczema flare-ups is the first step. Step two is coming up with an action plan on how you can put a stop to future eczema flare-ups.

That being said, I have created a list of things you can do to reduce flare-ups.


Here are 6 things you should do if your little one has eczema:



Keep the inflamed area dry –

You must protect your little one from heat. Heat leads to sweat and sweat is something that triggers flare-ups. Cornstarch is great when it comes to eczema flare-ups. Using cornstarch after giving your child a bath will not only keep the inflamed area dry but it will also help soothe the irritated area.

So try it out and see what happens.

(I’ve been doing this since my daughter was one month old.)


Discard all products that have any kind of fragrance –

Scented products have a tendency to irritate your little one’s delicate skin. Purchase fragrance-free products such as unscented baby wipes, unscented diapers, unscented lotion and unscented baby wash. Although it might be a little pricey, it’s an extremely beneficial choice to make for your baby in order to prevent flare-ups .

Even using strong and scented laundry detergents may result in flare-ups. You should try investing in a mild baby detergent such as Dreft baby laundry detergent.


Avoid hot water –

Hot water is absolutely not suitable for the baby’s sensitive skin. It has a tendency to burn the little one and will certainly result in drying out your child’s skin.

Use lukewarm water, this will help you avoid drying out the baby’s skin. Using lukewarm water can also prevent eczema flare-ups.


Skip using soap every day –

The use of soap daily will literally suck the moisture out your baby’s skin as well as irritate your baby’s skin. You might want to come up with a bath routine in which you use soap every two days.

You can still give your child baths regularly but using lukewarm water and a washcloth will also keep them clean! Or perhaps, on the days whenever you do not use soap, you can give your youngster a relaxing wipe down.

(Wipe downs are just as soothing and relaxing as a daily bath.)


Dress your child appropriately –

Dress your little one appropriately for the outside weather. Make them comfy. Clothing your child comfortably means to dress them in light-weight, breathable fabric. (For example, Cotton fabrics.)

It is very important to stay away from dressing them in spandex fabrics, this particular kind of fabric is more likely to produce sweat.

(Just like I mentioned before, sweating is a huge flare-up trigger.)


Moisturizer is key –

Keep your child’s skin moisturized by purchasing fragrance-free products, like Aveeno products. Aveeno carries a wonderful collection of baby products produced for children with eczema.

You can even use organic oils such as coconut oil as an all-natural alternative to keep their skin hydrated.

(Also you can make your own personal homemade concoction. You can add cornstarch with olive oil and put it on the inflamed area to relieve and moisturize the flare-up.)



Do not stress yourself out if your little one is experiencing eczema. Please make sure you make use of the information above to help you get started with taking preventive measures to stop flare-ups.

Question Time:

If your child suffers from eczema, what are some things that you do?

We want to know, comment your awesome tips below.

Thanks for reading!





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