New Month|New Goals|4 Awesome Goals For February


It’s a new month which means there will be plenty of:

  • new opportunities will be presenting itself
  • new people and brands to collaborate with
  • and last but not least, there will be so many new goals to achieve

But, let’s focus mainly on the new goals part.

I have so many new goals that I would like to achieve this month.

Allow me to share them with you guys.


Develop a scheduling routine –

I have a huge issue when it comes to scheduling my posts. I usually get very impatient and love to hit the submit button as soon as the post is completed.

So this month I would like to actually begin scheduling my posts. I need some free time so that I can FULLY focus on potty training my daughter who will be turning two very soon.

(I’m currently potty training her but I’ve been super occupied with all of this running around, as a result of that, it wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked it to be.)

I also would like to begin scheduling all of my social media posts as well.

So let’s see if I can achieve this goal, guys.



Subscriber & follower growth –


I would like to grow my following on:

If I can manage to grow my following a tad bit then that will open the door for me to collaborate with many more brands and companies.

So wish me luck, guys.


Healthy ways –


I really want to start eating healthy and creating daily smoothies.

I want my family to join me, but trying to get my whole family onboard would be my only issu; especially since my little one does not like dairy products. I literally have to sneak dairy into her everyday meals in order for her to consume it.

(Mind you, my daughter is only 22 months and already refusing certain foods. Bruh!)


I want and need to start working out more.

As most of my close followers and subbies (subscribers) know, I worked out as soon as my doctor medically cleared me to do workouts after giving birth to my daughter.

My biggest downfall was that some days I would get a little discouraged. I would begin to feel down about the outcome of it all. Somedays I want super fast results and would try to compare myself to the celebrities on Instagram.

Or I would hear negative things from others, stating that my workout process was practically meaningless because “motherhood” would ruin your body forever.

In light of that, I got over it and decided to stop listening to people. I refuse to listen to any negative spirited person who has nothing to do but try to shove their awful unwanted opinions into other people’s ears. (Which is always a bad move!)

I also refuse to be a quitter! So… I’ll keep you guys posted with monthly updates on here or my Instagram.



Complete more collaborations with brands –

This month I would really like to collaborate with some new brands. I would like to  create more product reviews. I’m also hoping to work on at least five sponsored blog posts this month. Last month I created two sponsored blog posts.

Last month my two sponsored blog posts were:


Having said that, let’s work!

If you are a brand seeking a collab, fill out the form below & I will contact you shortly.


Well, that sums up my goals for this amazing month of February, now it’s question time.

Question time:

What are some of your goals for the wonderful month of February?

Comment your response below.


Thanks For Reading!


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