St. Ives Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask | Product Review


So on my mission to purchase some Valentine’s Day gift supplies from the local Family Dollar, I ended up purchasing a new facial scrub. The St. Ives Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask was sitting on a top shelf, practically calling out to me. So I ended up doing exactly what any other beauty enthusiast would do. I reached up and grabbed it, I could not wait to try it out.

I have extremely sensitive skin, especially when it comes to my face. Any little thing can and will break me out. So I try my very best to use products with ingredients that are not so harsh or strong for my skin.

I have always heard great reviews about St. Ives products from other beauty enthusiasts but I have never used any of their products before. So I finally decided to give it a try.

So let me tell you guys all about it…

What is it?

The St. Ives Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask is a 100% natural face mask + exfoliant. It has a rich creamy texture which makes it super easy to apply.

How to properly apply?

After I finished applying the face mask

Step one:

Damp your face with a wet washcloth

Step two:

While face is still slightly moist, squeeze some of the oatmeal scrub on to your hand

Step three:

Apply it to your face, be sure to get none in your eyes

Step four:

After face is completely covered, leave on for 5-7 minutes

Step five:

After 5-7 minutes, get a wet washcloth, and gently wash off the face mask in a circular motion

Step six:

Once the mask is completely rinsed off, apply a little moisturizer and viola – You’re done!

After using this mask:

After I rinsed the face mask off.

After using the St. Ives Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask you can apply a little bit of moisturizer to your face. You will most likely not need any moisturizer due to the rich creamy texture. I did not need any moisturizer after using this mask.

Usually after using a face mask + exfoliant, my face tends to feel extremely dry or tight and I have the sudden urge to apply a moisturizer. But, I definitely did not “need” to use any moisturizer after using this face mask.

It also made my face feel super smooth. I think I found my new favorite face mask.


The St. Ives Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask was a pretty good face mask. I really enjoyed it.

I rate this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I rate this product a 4.5 because of the creamy texture, the way it made my skin feel after using it, as well as the smell. It smells great!


If you’re interested in purchasing this product you can find it at your local Family Dollar or on the Amazon Marketplace.

Thanks for reading!






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