Baby Kraze Feeding Set | Product Review

Baby Kraze Feeding Set

Product Review:


(Disclosure: I have received this product complimentary. However, all opinions stated below are my own honest opinions.)


Recently, about three or four days ago I received my Baby Kraze Feeding Set in the mail. As soon as I opened it my daughter went completely nuts.

If you’re a parent then you must already know that little ones adore bright colors, she automatically knew that it was for her. Which was a good and bad thing.


It was a good thing because she was excited to try it out.

It was a bad thing because she nearly trampled me in the process,due to her excitement.. (It was like being in a retail store on Black Friday.)

What’s inside the box?


Inside of the box there was:

  • One a spoon & fork travel set
  • Two fruit feeders
  • One corn on the cob silicone toothbrush

The Pros and Cons on the products:

Spoon and fork travel set –


  • Comes with a travel case (Which a BONUS because I love that I can take it on the go. Being an aspiring entrepreneur and a mom, I am literally always on the go.)
  • Made of hard plastic
  • This spoon scoop is curved perfectly. This perfect curve makes it ideal for feeding your little one foods such as oatmeal, applesauce, etc.
This is a photo of my little one, eating her oatmeal using the BabyKraze spoon & fork travel set. She is all messy, LOL.


  • The end of the fork could have been a little wider but other than that it’s okay. Especially if your child is just learning how to feed their self, it will be easy for them to use.

Two fruit feeders –


  • Easy to open
  • Easy to clean
  • Resembles an infants bottle and a pacifier
  • The handle is long enough for a baby aged 0-24 months to hold onto
Here is an up close picture of my daughter’s yummy oatmeal and one of the fruit feeders with a strawberry inside. She is totally loving those fruit feeders!


  • None (I am in love with the fruit feeders)

Silicone corn on the cob toothbrush –


  • Being made out of silicone (which makes it ideal for soothing a teething infant)
  • Having two handles (which makes it easy for an infant to grasp)
An up close and personal look at the Silicone Corn on the Cob Toothbrush


Honestly, I have none. My daughter is 22 months so she just likes to chew on it.

I wish I would’ve found out about this product earlier, so I would’ve purchased it after she was born. That way I could have had a better experience with this toothbrush. However, my daughter still enjoys it. So that is a PLUS!

Ideal for:

This Baby Kraze Feeding Set is ideal mainly for infants. If you have a child between 0-24 months, then this product is perfect! Mainly because your child is still in his/her teething stage.

Also, the spoon and the fork are kind of huge. That makes it great for a small child to feed their self.


I rate this product 5 out of 5 stars.


This product is extremely colorful and vibrant. Personally, I believe that it will attract the little ones and they will love it!

My daughter loves her Baby Kraze Feeding Set so much. It makes feeding her fruits, less of a fuss and less messy. (You know kids, they love mashing food up in their fingers. So using the fruit feeder will help you avoid the extremely messy clean up process.)

With that being said, my daughter, Chyanne definitely approves and so do I.


If you’re interested in purchasing this product for your little one then you can purchase it HERE.

Thanks for reading!

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