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Mother’s Select: Advanced Stretch Mark & Cellulite Complex|Product Review (Part 1)

Mother’s Select:

Advanced Stretch Mark & Cellulite Complex|Product Review:


I received my complimentary Mother’s Select: Advanced Stretch Mark & Cellulite Complex in the mail about one and a half weeks ago. I’m going to be testing this product out for 1 month and I’m taking you guys on this journey with me.

I have been using it nearly every day for one official week so far. I have not completed my month yet. But, I do enjoy putting it on my skin everyday.

Let’s chat about it…

What is the product?


I had to get dolled up just because… so don’t mind me

The Mother’s Select: Advanced Stretch Mark & Cellulite Complex is a cream that was designed to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. If you’re currently pregnant then you can use this product to keep your skin hydrated and to prevent stretch marks.

Which is completely ideal for mothers like me because I have like a billion tiger stripes (stretch marks.)

The funny thing is that I actually had like a million tiger stripes before my pregnancy, after my pregnancy I gained a million more. I’m hoping that this product does reduce the appearance.

How to use this product?

You can apply this cream to the area that has the most stretch marks. It could be your breasts, thighs, butt area, or your stomach.

After you apply this cream you must wait until it is fully done absorbing.

Once it’s finished absorbing in your skin, you can put on your clothes sexy mama.

This is my exact face – from when I found out that the product finally came. Like I was in love

How many times to apply a day?

You can apply a few drops (about 3 or 4) to the designated area about twice a day for the cream to be effective.


Personal experience:

I use this cream right after I take a shower and if I remember, I use it before I go to sleep. My favorite place to use is on my stomach, since that’s where a majority of stretch marks are.

About Mother’s Select:

Mother’s Select is a brand that was specifically made for mother’s. They offer a wide range of organic products such as:

  • Prenatal pills – to help you give birth to a healthy baby
  • Nursing & lactation tea – to promote breast milk production
  • Infant powdered probiotics – a powdered substance that parent’s can use to fight a number of things like constipation, diaper rash, diaper yeast, infant thrush, colic, etc. Whichever your infant may be suffering from
  • They even offer Men’s fertility aid for men with a low sperm count


Photo Credit: This is the official photo of Mother’s Select: Advanced Stretch Mark and Cellulite Complex from

Since my month-long review isn’t completed, I do not have a full proper review for you guys. So here is some additional information for you guys:

Smell: this product does not have much of a smell like other products for stretch marks, which is a plus.

Look + weight: this product is not heavy and is not thick. It has an off white color.

Packaging: It’s silver, pink, and white. It’s cute. It is metal, not plastic. I dropped it by accident a couple of times due to my dresser being full of products, it did not break or anything. So I deem it as child-proof and mommy-proof.

Texture: It feels like water and doesn’t feel like you have full coverage. It absorbs in your skin super quick but then you don’t really feel hydrated. This is a con for me.


Want to try it?


If you would like to purchase this product you can do so by going to the Amazon Marketplace where you can get it for $19.95.




March 15th will make a month so I will keep you guys updated with my results and complete review.

Thanks for reading

Stay tuned…

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