The Melanin Gawddess | MerMuu Giveaway For Expecting or New Parents (U.S. ONLY)

We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting our very first sponsored giveaway! YAY!

Here are some important details about the giveaway:

This giveaway is sponsored by our friends at Hello More Store, and is hosted by us.

The giveaway prize will be one MerMuu in color “apple of my eye” for expecting or new parents with a child aged 0-12 months.

Entry dates: 02/26/18 – 03/10/2018 

***Winner will be selected on 03/11/2018***

What is a MerMuu?

Photo credit:

A MerMuu is a wearable infant blanket for babies 0-12 months of age.

It’s super cute and it will keep your little one warm due to it being made out of fleece! Which makes it totally ideal for keeping the little one warm in the winter time.

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What makes MerMuu great?


If your baby loves to twist around or loves to kick, the MerMuu is totally twist and kick-proof.

Want more details on the MerMuu?

For more information about MerMuu’s click HERE.

Doesn’t it just sound perfect?

Sounds great, how can I enter?

You can enter our MerMuu giveaway by filling out the Google Doc Form below:



If you do not have a child but you know someone who is expecting or know someone who has a little one between 0-12months old? Then that is okay, you can share this amazing giveaway with a friend! Here is the shareable link:


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