Manna Hydration Bottle Review

(Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for product testing purposes.)

Last week I received this awesome 18oz stainless steel bottle in sangria from Manna Hydration‘s Haute Collection.

Manna Hydration The Melanin Gawddess 2.jpg

As most of you guys know, I have been working on getting myself together. My post pregnancy body has been a ton of work. I am not worried about the stretch marks. I am just focused on toning up this tummy, honey!

Between working out within the comfort of my home and breastfeeding my now 2 year old daughter, I’ve been receiving great results. I have also been working hard on changing my diet around so that I can receive the results that I have always wanted to obtain.

Having said that, I am hoping that this awesome new bottle can assist me.


I hope that it can assist me with:

  • Staying hydrated throughout the day
  • Drinking enough fluids

The list goes on…

Anyway, I really want to share with you guys the pretty cool features of this bottle, so let’s jump right on in!

The pros and cons of the product:

Manna Hydration The Melanin Gawddess.jpg
Another great photo of my super adorable bottle


  • Stainless steel – which makes it ideal for frequent usage (It also features a double wall.)
  • Has a rubber cap keeper – This dope feature will keep your liquid fresh!
  • Will maintain the temperature – It’ll keep your liquid cool for approximately 24 hours, it will also keep your liquid hot for approximately 12 hours. Yes! So go on and make yourself a supersized cup of hot coffee, it will remain hot for 12 hours. Which makes this bottle totally ideal for hardworking individuals.
  • Super cute – This bottle has some super cute designs. Don’t believe me? Just check it out for yourself at


  • Slightly Heavy: This bottle is made of steel, therefore it is slightly heavy even without any liquid inside of it. If you do happen to purchase it, please keep this con in mind.

Personal Rating:

Personally, I believe that this bottle will help me manage my body goals and will help me stay on track. So let’s see.

I rate this product a 4.5 out of 5 stars.


I love it! It’s cute, it really does keep your liquid fresh! 


In the meantime:

Make sure you follow Manna Hydration on Instagram.

My bottle is only $17.99. They also have a wide variety of cute, fashionable bottles available on their site.

Be sure to pick one up. You can check it out by going HERE.

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Manna Hydration Bottle Review”

  1. My name is James and I drop mine of the coffee table and now does not keep liquids cool very long can you tell me if this is a problem with this product. they never gave directions weather this could be a rpoblem or not.


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