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Kalu Yala Homes:


Get to learn 4 amazing things about Kalu Yala Homes


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First, let me give you guys a little background information about Kalu Yala Homes.


What is Kalu Yala?


Kalu Yala is a 375-acre educational and adventurous basecamp that is based in the beautiful jungle valleys of Panama. It is located approximately 50 minutes from Panama City,Panama.

Now, let’s discuss these 4 amazing things about Kalu Yala Homes:





You can learn so much while studying at Kalu Yala. They offer a wide variety of different educational programs. Such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Business and Entrepreneurship​​​​​​
  • Political Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Construction Arts
  • Education
  • Engineering


The list goes on. All together they have 13 different academic programs that you can choose from. Why would you consider joining Kalu Yala? Kalu Yala has a 97.5% success rate with their students. Basically, that means that 97.5% of their students pass their classes.


Great for visits –

This place is awesome you do not only need to travel there to study abroad. You can also book a trip with them. The summer time is approaching fast and almost everyone loves traveling during the summer. They offer a ton of packages you that you can add on to your travel list.

Kalu Yala Homes are all located in their jungle towns. How amazing would it be to take a beautiful vacation in the Jungle towns of Panama.


Why should you consider this?

  • It’s affordable. Just to rent a basic tent on platform with Public House Meals included is just $50 per night!
  • They have various activities and tours you can take
  • Delicious food straight from the jungle
  • Get the whole jungle life experience.


It’s a once in a lifetime experience. So why wait?


Solar Energy –


What is your first thought about jungles?

When most people think about the jungle, these thoughts usually come to mind:

  • No form of electricity
  • No heat
  • No hot water
  • No bathrooms

These assumptions are completely untrue when it comes to the Kalu Yala Homes experience. Kalu Yala Homes are powered and running completely off of solar energy! What does this mean? It means that their power is derived from the sun.

Please keep in mind that if you do plan on visiting or plan on studying abroad then it is advisable that you bring a hand-held solar charging device.


Keep you on your feet –


Whether you’re visiting or studying abroad, Kalu Yala will definitely keep you on your feet.


  • They have a list of activities that you can do and tours that you can take while visiting. Such as the Honeycreeper Hike, Jaguar Falls Hike, Rio Tour Swimming Hike, etc.


  • If you’re there to study, they give you one week to travel the Panama. This week is called “inspiration week.” They will give you this week so that you can explore the mountains, islands, and the nightlife that the stunning country of Panama has to offer.



If you didn’t know anything about Kalu Yala Homes, I hope that you have found this very helpful. Since summer is quickly approaching and only a few months away, I highly recommend that you give Kalu Yala a try. Especially if you’re a person who enjoys the survival, outdoors, nature type of experience.

Thanks for reading!

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