Say Goodbye to Clutter and Say Hello to SNS Cleaning Services:

Say Goodbye to Clutter and Say Hello to SNS Cleaning Services:


Don’t you just love a squeaky clean work environment? I know I definitely do!


Even though we love working in a clean workplace, it can be super draining just getting rid of all of the clutter and junk. Cleaning can be so time consuming, especially if you’re a parent or if you’re a hard working busy body who’s always on the go.


That’s where SNS Cleaning services comes in. They are not your average everyday cleaners. They’re reliable, sweet, and dang sure guarantee that they will get your place squeaky clean!


Small background information:


SNS Cleaning Services was created by ambitious, diligent entrepreneur, Stephanie Harris.

Harris built this a small cleaning company from the ground up! What makes her so amazing is that she is the ultimate boss babe! Hard working mother, entrepreneur and dedicated to keeping her clients satisfied. SNS Cleaning Services is based in the heart of the popular city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Service Offerings:


Let’s discuss the high quality cleaning services that they offer:

  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Breakroom tidying and sanitizing
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms
  • Sweeping various rooms
  • Mopping various floors
  • Vacuuming carpets and floors
  • Trash pick up and removal
  • Recycling


The list goes on.


Also, it does not matter on the type of facility that you work in or out of, if you need a thorough, spotless cleaning, they will do just that! They’ll clean dental facilities, private schools, churches, medical facilities, office buildings, and the list goes on.


Yup, so be prepared to tell the dust bunnies under your desk, “BYE Felicia!

The dust bunnies won’t stand a chance against SNS Cleaning Services.


If you happen to be in the Atlanta, Jonesboro, Forest park, Dekalb County, Rockdale County, or Newton County area of Georgia, then you are in luck. They will gladly come to you. Now you can treat yourself to the sharp, premium cleaning that your work place deserves.


SNS Cleaning Services will most definitely handle all of your cleaning needs.

Also, if you sign up right now, you will get $50.00 off of your first cleaning job.

So what are you waiting for? If you truly want a premium quality, thorough cleaning then let SNS Cleaning Services be of assistance to you.

Here’s their contact information:

Phone: (678) 374-8123 (You must dial 1)



Thanks for reading!


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