Top 7 Useful Business Tools for Bloggers

Top 7 Useful Business Tools for Bloggers:





Blogging can be a hectic job. It can get extremely overwhelming at times. Especially when you have to create content, organize the content, promote the content and organize your social media. That can be a headache.


Having said that, I’ve decided to share with you guys my top 7 useful business tools for bloggers.




Here are my top two tools for organizing and scheduling my blog posts or my social media posts


#1: Crowd Fire App:


This app is great when it comes to keeping your content posted. With this app you can schedule sharing your blog posts as well as schedule your social media posts, on most of your social media handles. This app can also help you keep track of your social media growth. You can download this app in the google play store or the ios market. You can also use the website if you don’t have steady access on your phone. So yes, you have plenty of options.


#2: Social Oomph:


Being a blogger is difficult at times. Mainly due to you having to constantly create content. You will not have that much time to post your tweets individually. This platform will help you schedule your tweets. This website is only used for scheduling your tweets. You can also monitor your twitter growth with this great site.


Managing subscribers:


#3 Mailchimp:


If you’re a blogger then you should already know how important it is to manage all of your subscribers or how important it is to attract new subscribers. This amazing website can assist you with building and managing your subscribers. With this platform you can schedule newsletters, promote your social medias, create promotions, etc.


I currently use this platform to blast all of my new blog posts.


Payments & Invoices:


When it comes to being a blogger, we tend to collaborate with numerous brands. You have to be able to accept payments the sponsored posts that you publish on your blog. Here is my favorite payment tool.


#4: Paypal:


You can use this platform to send invoices, get paid, send money, etc. The possibilities are endless. What I love the most is that this site is completely free to use. Which makes it ideal for a blogger on a budget.


Graphic Designing:


#5: Canva


Using this, you can create amazing graphics for your blog for free! From logos and infographics, to business letters, and headers for your newsletters or social medias. The options are endless.


Documents & Forms:


#6: Google Docs / Google Forms:


To create drafts for your blog posts, editing a blog post, creating giveaway forms, creating collaboration forms, creating contracts, etc. The list goes on.


This is an extremely useful tool! One of my favorites to be exact.


#7: Typeform:


This platform is great when you want feedback from your users or to create some registration forms. It allows you to collect data from your users.




All of these tools are great for bloggers, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. These are my top 7 business tools that I use for blogging.


Also, for management assistance, you can check out the 30+ Best Master Data Management Tools from Profisee MDM. These tools can assist you with organizing and maintaining the data for your business.


Thanks for reading!

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