Influencers are taking over! Top 5 Easy Steps to Follow to Become an Influencer:

(Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Nancy Behram PR)

Influencers are taking over!

Top 5 Easy Steps to Follow to Become an Influencer:


Do you love to post pictures, write product reviews, and share your ideas or views on a product on your social media? If so, then you should consider becoming an influencer. An influencer is a person who has a large following, who utilizes their platform to show off hot products, and basically influences their following to go out to purchase the product.


Being an influencer can be fun and super easy. Let’s discuss 5 ways to become an influencer.

Step #1:

Grow your following:


An influencer has a ton of followers, typically 1,000+ followers. So if you’re considering becoming an influencer, you should grow your following. Followers do matter because when you promote a product on your timeline or feed, your followers will be the ones purchasing the product.


Here are a few ways to grow your following:


  • Follow back – following back does not hurt anyone. Following with back makes your account look more authentic anyway. It shows that you are real. (Too many people would rather spend money on followers, following back may take a while, but it will definitely grow your following.)


  • Promote yourself – promote your social media handles on all of the social media networks that you are on. This will help give your social networks more exposure. You can also leave your social handles on other people posts or comment sections.


  • Utilize Hashtags – by utilizing hashtags on your posts, people can search up a hashtags and find your posts. If they like your content enough, boom, you have a new follower. It is super easy. You can also use hashtags to find new people to follow, if they’re nice, they will follow you back.


  • Post Frequently – Make sure that you post on your social handles frequently. Keep your feed updated will let people know that you are active. Everyone loves following active individuals. Using apps like Crowdfire, Buffer, or Hootsuite will help you keep your feed fresh!

Step #2:

Engage with your following:


No one likes to follow someone who does not like their content at all. We love following active and real people.


Here’s how you can engage with your followers:

  • Like – like a photo, like a post, like their content. Liking is a great way to show your followers that you are a real person. It will show them that you care about what they are posting. If you like their post, they will like yours in return.


  • Comment – Commenting on whatever content they post will spark up a great outcome. They will response by commenting on your content as well.


  • Share – Sharing their content will show that you are being supportive. The more supportive you are, the more supportive they will be towards you and your content.


Engaging with your followers is one of the easiest things you can do to grow your following as an influencer. One of your main goals is to persuade your following to purchase whatever product you are promoting. You cannot influence anyone to do anything if you do not have anyone to influence, so please keep this in mind.


Step #3:

Clean up your social media:


Brands like to collaborate with influencers whose aesthetic suits their campaign. Your social handles must be up to par.


What does this mean?


  • Clear photos: Your photos have to be clear, no blurry photos.
  • Hashtags: Using appropriate hashtags, otherwise it will be misperceived as spam.
  • Family-friendly: Make your social handles family friendly. How? No profanity, no alcoholic beverages in your photos, keep it clean and neat.


Those are just a few ways to keep you social handles clean and neat looking for potential collaborations with brands.

Step #4:

Pick a niche:


After following those 3 steps, you can start applying to campaigns.  Make sure that your social handles are associated with a specific niche. Niches are just topics that you like to promote or talk about.

For example, my top 3 niches are beauty, parenting, and lifestyle.

Here is a better understanding of niches:


  1. Beauty Niche: If your niche is beauty, that means you like to discuss makeup products, skincare routines, or simple share the latest looks, etc.
  2. Parenting Niche: If your niche is parenting, that means you like to discuss raising kids, take photos of your children wearing the hottest clothes, do toy reviews with your kids etc.
  3. Lifestyle Niche: If your niche is lifestyle, that means you like to discuss your life. It literally could be anything that you’re going through at the moment.

Step #5:



After you choose the niche or niches that you want to focus on, you’re ready to start applying. The application process is easy.


Although, you do have a small list of things to do before applying:


  • Take note of how many followers you have on all of your social handles
  • Create an email address specifically made for your influencer job
  • Come up with a catchy name to call yourself
  • Set up a paypal account to receive payments


Next, just simply look online and find a bunch of influencer companies to sign up for. There is a wide variety of companies who will represent influencers. Such as Nancy and Behram. To learn more, check out the exclusive interview of Nancy at Behrman.



Following these 5 easy steps will help you become an influencer. So good luck with your new journey.

Thanks for reading!


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