Hold Up! College Freshman Coming Through!

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I am so happy to announce that I am officially a College Freshman!

I recently enrolled myself in school around the beginning of May. I have been procrastinating for the longest and making excuses. I realized that overthinking and being doubtful was just keeping me away from being successful.

Living in NYC is difficult, the job market is tough. You need to have either one good job or one job + 2-3 side hustles to actually make some decent money out here.

On top of that, almost all of these jobs want some type of college experience on your resume. So… yup, you guessed it, I do not have one. 😦

After graduating with my GED in 2013 at 18 years old, I’ve managed to snag so much work experience. Personally, I feel like I gained a ton of work experience for someone with a GED (although I could have gained much more work experience), now I want to go back to school. I feel like the timing is finally right. I feel prepared. The major that I chose is business administration.

Why did I choose that major?

I chose business administration as my major because I have always been interested in business. Very recently I have grown a liking to Public Relations. I’ve been thinking about opening up my very own boutique PR firm. (A boutique PR firm is basically a small public relations firm that offers media outreach, helps shape their clients image, builds campaigns, etc. The list goes on and on.)

I am sooooo interested in launching my very own boutique public relations firm. Especially since I am already a full time blogger & influencer, with a daughter who is a toddler influencer. I can use my knowledge from that and incorporate it with my upcoming business.

Anyway, back on topic…

Having a child before 25 years old was certainly not in mind, but at 21 years old I gave birth to my daughter and that changed my life around (for the better!). Sure, it slowed me down a bit, and I had to put my life on pause. I could not do much until she got a little older. (You guys know that goes…)

However, thankfully in today’s world, I am able to multitask. I am able to learn from home to work around my hectic life as a mother. So it all works out for me. YAY!

So now let’s fast forward…

I enrolled myself in school (college) around the first week of May. I found out I got accepted on May 15th. How awesome? It was such great news. I could not keep it to myself. I decided to share it with my facebook friends and my instagram followers.


My acceptance letter


I am trying to start next month, so I ended up having a ton of paperwork to submit. That is why I have been a little M.I.A lately, I apologize guys. In light of that, I hope that you guys support me on my new life journey.

Stay tuned mates…


Thanks for reading!


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