Summer Goals! Let’s get it started…

Summer Goals!

Let’s get it started…

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So with summer approaching extremely fast, we have to get these summer goals in order! I have so many summer goals that I want to achieve. I decided to share mines with you guys.

What are my goals for the summer?

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Goal #1:

Remain Financially Focused

I want to put a lump sum of money into my daughter savings account.

Last Year I opened up a savings account for my daughter using Chime banking. It was totally FREE. It is also FREE to open a checking account with Chime Banking too. Check them out right now.

*Here’s a pretty dope pro, there are zero maintenance fees when you bank with Chime!*

Goal #2:

Travel & Sight-see

I really want to go at least 5 places or do at least 5 adventurous things and actually have fun.

Last summer I was unable to travel, mainly due to too many things going on at once. So I hope that since this year I am more focused that I will be able to take my family everywhere that we didn’t go last year.

Here are just a few places or things that I would like to go or do this summer:

  • Visit Sesame Place
  • Visit The Bronx Zoo
  • Visit The NY aquarium
  • Have a family picnic in Central Park or Prospect Park
  • Visit Smorgasburg (A huge food festival that takes place in NY every April-October)

My list is currently still growing… I’ll keep you guys posted by informing you on what we actually end up doing this summer.

Goal #3:

Go yarn crazy!

Purchase some good yarn in bulk for my family run business, Knot Moms Kreations (all of your knitted and crocheted needs for an affordable price, check us out!)



Those are just a few of my summer goals. I had to keep it brief since I tend to ramble. I didn’t want you guys to get bored from my rambling. Ha!

While we’re on the topic…

What are your goals for the summer?

*We’d love to know!*

Comment your response in the comment section below.


Thanks for reading!

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