Top 3 Budget Tools That Will Help You Learn How to Manage Your Money:

Top 3 Budget Tools That Will Help You Learn How to Manage Your Money:

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Whether you’re planning on starting a family, or you already have one, it is still wise to come up with a budget. Regardless if you’re a stay at home mom or a hardworking one. Creating a budget will help you figure out where and how you should spend your money.

In all reality, coming up a budget as well as starting a budget can be hard.

You never really know where to start.

Well, great news, I’ve managed to put together a list of budgeting tools that will help you with getting your budget started.


(These are all free and inexpensive methods that will assist you with your budgeting needs.)

Here are our top 3 awesome budget tools that will assist you with managing your money:



A Notebook –


Yes, a notebook! You need to pull out your handy dandy notebook and get to writing.

This notebook will be used to track your spending. So you can label this notebook your “spending notebook.”


What are you writing?


In your spending notebook you will:

  • Track your weekly expenses


What are the benefits of a spending notebook?


With a spending notebook, you will be able to track all of your expenses. The spending notebook will give you a clear image of what you’re spending all of your money on, as well as where all of your money is going.


This could be very helpful for your family, I highly recommend that you try this method out.


Utilize Google Sheets-


Yup, it’s just that simple. Almost everyone has a Google account, and not everyone can afford Microsoft Excel. (Microsoft Excel is a well known software program where you’re able to create spreadsheets.) Anyway, if you have a google account, you can use Google Sheets for FREE.


How can I use google docs spreadsheet to help me with budgeting?


Google sheets can help you with budgeting because they offer a few budget templates. You can use the templates that they offer to help you get started with creating your budget.

After you create the budget on Google Sheets, you can print it out or send it to your family members via email. So it’s literally a win-win situation. The whole family will be on board with the new budget.

Also, you can also create your own budget from scratch.


Sign Up For Mint –


This is the ultimate FREE budgeting tool! Mint is an app and a website that can help you with setting up a budget.


How does it work?


Mint can help you:

  • Create a spending/ budget plan by using information from linking all of your current credit cards and debit cards
  • Find out how to Improve your credit score
  • Visualize what your spending habits
  • Set financial related goals


The list goes on because Mint is just that great!


Having said that, join the Mint family to see what all of the hype is about.


These three amazing FREE and inexpensive budgeting tools can assist you with creating your budget.

You can learn more on how to stay on top of your finances by visiting the Chase Rubin website.

Thanks for reading!

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