How to Survive College: Top 3 Ways to Save Money While in College

How to Survive College:

Top 3 Ways to Save Money While in College:

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Being in college is stressful. Some college students are in other states or countries, away from their loved ones and struggling. Some college students are in their hometown and struggling. Struggling while dealing with college stress and personal life stress. Trying to manage your college life and your personal life is like the ultimate battle.


You’re busy trying to stay on the right path, all while still trying to live your life. I know this all too well. Being that I am a young mother, currently in my third week of schoolschool, and starting my new part time job in a few days, stressed is the perfect word to describe my life right now..


Although college may stress one out, it is extremely worth it. You’re going to college to obtain a better life, to use your degree to further your career goals, and to secure a hefty bag (also known as to get a better and high paying job.)


Being that it’s my first year in college and I’ve been experiencing my very own stressful college struggles, I have created this awesome list from scratch to help you guys save money while in college.


You can thank me later babes.


Here are 3 pretty cool and creative ways to save money while in college:



Utilize Unidays –


Once you’re in college, you’ll most likely receive your own personal email address from your school. You better utilize that email and score up some dope student benefits.

Also, once you’ve been handed your student ID, honey, that’s even better. There are so many big brand and big name stores that will give you a student discount.


That’s where Unidays come into play. Unidays help you maximize your student discounts. You sign up with your regular email address and then they’ll ask for your student email address (of course), and they’ll give you a list of stores where your student discount can apply.


You should check out Unidays shortly after receiving your personalized student email address! Why after? Because you’ll need your personalized student email address during the sign up process.


Download from Vital Source –


Let me be really blunt with you guys, college textbooks are freaking expensive! Even if you receive financial aid. You still may have to come out of pocket and pay for your books. Vital Source can help ease your stress from checking out those textbook prices.


Vital source is a great website to rent or buy textbooks for real cheap! One of my college textbooks were unavailable at my school’s bookstore. My financial aid didn’t kick in and I searched the internet for the book, a free copy, because honey, that book was more than my light bill! Ridiculous for a class that I would only be taking for 7 weeks.


Anyway, I contacted my professor and he sent me towards Vital Source. I wanted to give him a hug through the email. That saved my life!


Now I’m telling you guys to go check out Vital Source, their prices are way cheaper than Amazon prices. You can save over 80% on college textbooks by purchasing the ebook version from Vital Source.



Create a College Registry –


Yup, college is expensive and we (the struggling college kids) need plenty assistance. You can create a college registry and send it to your family/friends/ or even some strangers. Add things that you really need.

It’s a nice and discreet way of asking for help without the disappointment of hearing the word no. If people want to support you, they’d make a purchase. If people do not want to help, then they will not make a purchase. Therefore, you’re never truly disappointed.

You can create one with target. I wish you luck, babes!


(If you want to help support me and college journey then please check out my registry and help a sister out, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!)



Being in college was the most expensive and life changing decision that I have ever made. I pray that I do amazing. I hope that you guys do amazing as well. I wish you luck on your journey.

Thanks for reading!

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