Top 2 Common Skincare Problems That May Occur When You Are Pregnant

Top 2 Common Skincare Problems That May Occur When You Are Pregnant:

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When you’re pregnant it’s like you turn into a completely different person. The mood swings of a pregnant woman are legendary. (Believe me, I know it all too well.) 

Your body will be too busy trying to cope with supporting two people at the same time so the normal doses of hormones at certain times of the month go haywire. Your system is confused and creates more problems than it can quickly fix.

How you feel is very important to your mental health, but so is how you look. Some people just stay indoors while they are pregnant because our skin becomes inflamed in many different ways during the 9 month period.

Your skin may seem a bit blotchy because a different part of your body is demanding more blood while other parts don’t get their fair share. You may become irritated easily and the itchiness can effect every inch of your body.

Acne is one of the worst things that can happen to you dermatologically.

Here’s an awesome Acne Aid during pregnancy:

When women become pregnant, during the first and second trimester, androgen hormones increase rapidly. They can cause the glands in your skin to swell up in size. This puts them into overdrive and they begin to produce more sebum than is needed. Sebum is the oily substance that our skin uses to protect the surface from the elements and also lubricate our skin.

If there is an overabundance is being made, it’s more likely that oil will catch and hold dirt. When dirt piles up it creates a bacterial reaction from our skin and thus we get acne.

For a quick and easy acne aid, you have to break down the sebum and dirt before you wash it away.

Citrus is a great remedy for acne during pregnancy, therefore apple cider vinegar and honey can be used to scrub your face.

Leave the liquids on for half a minute to one whole minute and then wash it off. Do this both morning and noon.



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Eczema turmoil

Eczema during pregnancy is a common occurrence.

You’re trying to hydrate not just your now larger body but the baby too. But even if you do drink enough water, your skin can still be incredibly sensitive to temperature and touch.

This article on eczema during pregnancy explains how the simple things like not wearing jewellery, itchy clothes made out of wool, avoiding soaps that suck moisture from your skin, wearing baggy clothes and staying calm when you do get the urge to scratch, will prevent your skin from getting any worse than it already is.

Use moisturizer regularly but ointments are even better. Use them two to three times a day for your entire body as the localized affected area can be helped by healthier areas of skin around it. Doctors may prescribe creams and atopical steroids.

(Warning: please be sure to check with your physican before using it, to make sure that it won’t harm the baby.)


Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It’s very complex and when we get pregnant, it’s one of the most affected. Swollen glands in our skin can produce too much oil on our face, which leads to acne. Acidic liquid scrubs break down the entrapped dirt and oil to heal acne. Keeping your skin moisturized daily and doing other simple things to prevent irritation will serve you well when flare-ups occur.

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