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If You Like Then You Should’ve Put Your Name On It! My Name Tags Review

(Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for product review purposes.)

Okay guys, it has been a while since we, the Gawddess girls did a product review. Mainly due to my hectic personal life which I will tell you guys all about on a totally different post.

Anyway, we have a pretty dope product review for you guys today.

On today’s menu, (my awesome writing menu, to be exact) we have the amazing company… My Name Tags.


My name tags were so generous to send us these beautiful customized labels all the way from the United Kingdom to our little head quarters (hehe, just kidding, our little home) in Brooklyn, New York.

Our name tags were dope, dope, dope! Customized to perfection and fit for a little gawddess! My beautiful mini melanin gawddess of course.

What’s So Unique About These Name Tags?

My name tags offers a wide variety of customized tag creations for your wonderful little ones.

You can choose from:

(The list goes on. This was just an example of me proving to you guys that My Name Tags offers a wide selection of name tags and labels. You can click on the links above if you are interested in checking them out.)

What I received…


In my envelope from My Name Tags, I received a pack of 56 cool colorful stickers customized with The Mini Melanin Gawddess’s name.


The Pro’s and Con’s of the Product?IMG_1044


  • Sticker material is extremely heavy duty, you can tell that it’s toddler proof
  • Sticker can be washed while still on clothing
  • Sticker can be dried on to clothing while on low
  • Does not leave residue on clothing
  • Does not destroy clothing when it’s time to peel it off


  • None.

These stickers are too cute and definitely worth the buy!

If you like your little one’s clothes then you should’ve put their name on it! *In my Beyonce voice*

If you’re interested in purchasing your very own, you can check out their website

Thanks for reading!

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