To Evolve or Repeat: The Ultimate Yearly Dilemma

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To Evolve or Repeat:

The Ultimate Yearly Dilemma:

Every year you’re given two options, to evolve or to repeat. So many people do not fully understand what this means exactly. So I am going to break it down for you guys.

Watch the break down…

What does it mean to repeat?

To repeat is basically self explanatory. It means to keep doing what you’ve already been doing. This is one option that I highly recommend that you do not choose. (Although, way too many people unintentionally choose this option.)

To repeat means to stay in the same position that you’re in.

This could be:

  • Staying jobless
  • Not moving up within a company
  • Simply staying still

You’re in the same predicament as the previous years. Why? Because you simply did not take any initiative to change it. As a result of it, you’re not making any progress.

The people who choose to repeat are people who are allergic to leveling up in life. They fear success so much that they are willing to repeat living a goal-less lifestyle.

Personally, I find it a bit humorous. Why? Due to the fact that a wide majority of the people who chose this option are often “hating” on the people who chose to evolve.

Ain’t that funny?

What does it mean to evolve?

To evolve means that a person is seeking growth. A person wants to make a change from how they were living their life in the previous year(s). The people who choose this option are ambitious, they are mentally & physically ready to go after their goals.

Seeking change is the first step to growing. It’s what makes you say “whoa, I need to get myself together, I cannot keep on living my life like this.” That is such a life changing moment.

Personal Experience Time:

*Get your popcorn babes*

After I had my daughter, I became a stay at home mother. My life started to feel like it was becoming repetitive. Nothing is wrong with being a stay at home parent, I just think that it is not for me. Although, I am very grateful that I was there to experience everything with my daughter.

After my daughter turned 2 years old I realized that it was go time! No more sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself, letting life pass me by. It was time for action and time to make things happen.

Boy oh boy…. I was super pumped! 

In may 2018, I signed myself up for school. I was like ” Sis, why wait? You can just go ahead and get yourself together right now!” After I hyped myself up, I found out that I got accepted. You can check out my acceptance letter bragging post here!

That was just step one to changing my life around this year.

Step two was finding a part time job for the summer so that I could get some extra coins baby.


My part time job this summer is pretty cool. I’m currently working on a campaign like I’m Olivia Pope from Scandal.

Which is pretty darn awesome! At work, all I can think about is “ARE WE GLADIATORS OR ARE WE B*TCHES????????

Anyway… I chose to evolve this year and have been smashing all of my goals slowly but surely. Everything is getting done.


You have two options to choose from the beginning of each year, to evolve or to repeat.

Now that you know the meaning of each option, which one will you choose?

Would you choose leveling up? Or…. would you choose laziness and fear?

Remember…It’s all up to you, babes. (Also, you guys have like three more months left in this year. So make it happen captain. This is your ship! Nobody else is in charge of your life but yourself.)

Thanks for reading!

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