3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Contact Page On Your Blog

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In today’s world, the internet is used for practically everything. For people like me, blogging can certainly bring in an income. However, you should properly set up your blog in order to start gaining an income from it.

How can you do that?

The answer is a contact page.

For an extremely long time, contact forms and phone numbers have been commonplace on business websites. Enabling users to easily get answers, it makes sense for this sort of outfit to have this functionality, but this it isn’t quite the same in the world of blogging.

To help you out with creating a contact page, this post will be showing you why you might want to take this approach, while also giving you the tools you need to do it.

The Benefits of having a contact page on your blog


Trust –

People like to know that they can trust people before they work with them. By having direct contact details on your website, you can make it a lot easier to gain this from potential partners before you even talk to them. This can make it much easier to build relationships with people who want to work with you.


Opportunities –

 Even if they want to work with you, it will be hard for people to get in contact if you don’t give them a way to do it. This could see you missing opportunities if you don’t have a page for this on your blog. With businesses always on the lookout for influencers, guest writers always looking to make posts, and other chances to make money or build your exposure at stake, it will be worth taking this seriously.



Professionalism –

Having a contact form is a great way to make yourself look professional. If you choose the right set of tools, you can make yourself look like a much bigger company, and this is an excellent way to start building your site into something which loads of people are reading.




The Build:


Phone: The phone number you give away is the first part of this to consider. Most blogs won’t have this sort of contact information available, giving you an edge against them. Having an extra cell phone can make this nice and easy, giving you the power to turn it off and not accept calls when you need to have some time to yourself.


Address: Next up, it’s time to think about your address, as you probably won’t want to use your home for this. Instead, by using a company like, you can make it look like your blog is operating out of an office in the middle of a city. Giving yourself the appearance of a media company rather than a single-person blog, a lot of people see the benefit from this sort of move right away.


Email: Gone are the days when using Gmail for a professional email address was acceptable. Nowadays, unless you want to stand out for the wrong reasons, your email addresses should use the same URL as your website. If you’ve built this for yourself, you should be able to add them through your online account. For those using developers, though, you will have even less work to do, and will be able to have them handle it for you.


Livechat: Finally, as the last contact option to consider, livechat has been increasing in popularity over the last few years. Giving users the chance to send you instant messages, this can be left on almost all the time, and you won’t have to spend much time managing it. Depending on the system you’ve used to build your site, you may be able to use a simple plugin to handle this for you.


There are loads of reasons to work hard on the ways that people can contact your blog. You have plenty of options to get you started, and you probably won’t need all of them to find success. Of course, contact forms and phone numbers won’t be the backbone of your blog, though, and you’ll need to have the content to backup your newly-crafted professional appearance. If you need help with blog writing and content creation, sites like can be perfect. Everyone has the power to push themselves in the right direction.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start looking for new ways to enable your readers to get in contact with you. This could spark new business relationships, put you in touch with great people, and even give you the chance to make your blog into a better site. Of course, though, you’ll have to put the work in if you want to get there.

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