The Ultimate Debatable Discussion: College Education Importance in the Black Community


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The Ultimate Debatable Discussion:

College Education Importance in the Black Community –

(Disclosure: I do not intend on hurting any feelings, or offending anyone with this post. However, it may happen so if you’re sensitive, please have a tissue or two on standby. This post is my opinion on the topic that was suggested and it was not intended to make anyone feel any type of way. Hopefully you guys catch my drift and understand the importance of this debatable discussion.)

On a mission to create more content focusing on serious topics. One topic was suggested to me about the importance of college education in the black community.

My best friend Fantasia, recommended this topic.

I find it extremely interesting and honey, I’m super pumped up and ready to go off.

So….*Cracks fingers* Let’s gooooo!

It’s no secret that education is important.

However, in the black community a lot of people often feel that college was a waste. Some feel like you should not have to pay for an education. Others feel like it’s not useful whatsoever. Therefore many people feel like it’s not that important, when in reality, it is.

So on a mission to change that perspective, I wrote this long post! Ha! 

First let’s discuss….

3 reasons why some black people choose not go to college:


Cannot afford it –

Here in the United States our colleges and universities are super expensive. Although we have many grants and financial aid, a lot of students do not qualify for it. Therefore, they would end up having to take out a loan.

Almost everyone knows that loans are almost impossible to pay off all at once, so they would have to setup a payment plan. Those payment plans could go on for years. Some people are not able to pay off those payment plans until 10 years to even 40 years later. (I’m so serious, sis.)

As a result of that, they would rather not even enroll in college due to the fear of being in debt. Which is completely understandable. It’s a headache.


Hearsay –

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard someone say “why should you have to pay for an education? It’s ridiculous” or “You don’t need to go to college to get a good job.” I’ve literally heard this from numerous people in the black community.

Although it’s possible to get a decent job without a college education, realistically speaking it’s difficult as fudge to get a GOOD paying job without a college education.

I feel like that’s something that people fail to realize.

The TWO realistic ways you’re able to get a good paying job without a college education are by:

Connections: having an inside source that would recommend you straight to their employer because you guys are friends. That inside source could even hire you on the spot just because they are friends with you. This process happens a little too often. By using connections you would be able to skip the line of those who are, no disrespect, more qualified than you.

I believe this is kind of disrespectful mainly due to this hard economy that we’re living in, it’s literally hard for everyone to get a job right now. So by using the connections that you have just to get a job that you’re not even qualified for, it’s absurd.

People who are, no offense, actually qualified would not get the job due to this unfair process. But aye, get it how you can, just hope you can live with the fact that you’re practically skipping the line of qualified individuals only because you know someone who has a high status or seniority at their job, rather than possessing all of the necessary qualifications and skills for the employment opportunity that’s being offered.

(Yup, I just went off. I’ve had this happen to me many times. It’s disgusting.)


Staying put in your job: by staying put in the job that you already have, you will be able to gain seniority. Once you have seniority, you’re more open to receiving promotions. This process can be beneficial, however, it can also be extremely unpleasant.

How so?

If you’re extremely unhappy with your job, I highly doubt that you would want to stay.

Please ask yourself “is all of this really worth it?”


Negative Mindset –

Having a negative mindset would make you not want to accomplish anything. It would make you believe that you should not go to college. Also, a person would already have a negative opinion about college if most of their family members never went.

They would say things like “my whole family never went to college and they’re still doing okay.”

Like….. WHAT????

The key is not just doing okay, but you want to do good, you should want to do better.

Have you guys ever heard the famous quote,

If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?

That quote means that you should think for yourself and do things that would benefit you. Stop trying to follow behind others. Make a change, be different.

Please read my prior post “To Evolve or Repeat: The Ultimate Yearly Dilemma“. It will inspire you to choose to evolve instead of repeat.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

Here’s 3 significant reasons why some black people do not finish college:



Lack of funds –

Like I said before, not everyone can qualify for financial aid. They’d end up having to take out a loan. Then boom, the next 40 years you’re trying to pay off those thousands of dollars worth of debt from those large school loans. (I may sound like I am over exaggerating but for many people this is a reality.)

Some people end up with so much debt after their first year in school that they choose drop out and not to go back.

For this scenario, it’s understandable.


No support system –

College is hectic. It is always good if you have a great support system standing behind you to keep you up. If you do not have a support system then it will be a bit more difficult when times are rough.

Unfortunately, some black students do not have proper support systems in their household.

As a result of no support system, they’d end up dropping out.

This breaks my heart!


Uncomfortable Environment –

According to the article “Why do black students quit university more often than their white peers?” that was posted on The Guardian, it states that students may feel uncomfortable if the setting is not African-american comfortable.

What does this mean?

It means that their learning environment is not comfortable for them. Something may be going on that would make them feel out of place.

If you’re ever in this scenario and have the option to transfer, then honey, PLEASE TRANSFERRRRRRRRRRRR!


Let’s discuss the importance and the impact that college could have in the black community:

I’m going to be real blunt with you guys, if more people in the black community understood the importance of college and the impact that college could have in the black community, it would effect us positively.

How so:

Better job opportunities – By finishing college, we would be qualified for more better paying jobs. (Although it’s not a guaranteed outcome, a college degree is more preferable than a high school diploma or GED.)

Start a business – After learning all of the important and necessary skills, we’d be able to start a business and run it successfully. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s very possible for you to start a business without a college degree, however, if you do have a degree, it will serve as proof. Proof that you have the proper knowledge to run that business.)

Inspiration – With a college degree, you could inspire other people in the black community to further their education. It could motivate them and make them realize that the sky is the limit.


College education in the black community is very important. This is a strong debatable topic, yet it is important that we address it. We need to show people that it’s nothing to be afraid of and that it will open many doors for us as a whole.

The key is to start breaking cycles and to stop reliving it. 


I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. Once again this topic was recommended to me by my best friend Fantasia.

Feel free comment your thoughts or opinions in the comment section below, I’d love to know.

Also, if you have any topics you’d love for me to write about, feel free to shoot me an email:

Thanks for reading!

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