The Gawddess Girls Travel to Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Hey babes, I’ve been a little M.I.A lately and I want to apologize.

I’ve been busy trying to soak up the last bit of summer with my Mini Melanin Gawddess. We just want to enjoy ourselves.

As most of you guys know, I’m currently working full-time now. Only until election day, which is September 13th, 2018. Since I’ve been full blown Olivia Pope, I haven’t had much time to take my Mini Melanin Gawddess anywhere.

In order to make up for our horrible summer last year, and the M.I.A mom this summer, I decided to plan a dope little family vacation.

So having said that, here’s the update on our vacation in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Here is some photos of the Hotel that we stayed in:

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We stayed in the Quality Inn Mount Vernon hotel which is located in Alexandria, Virginia.

It was a beautiful room. Completely affordable. From August 17th, 2018 – August 19th 2018 it was only $166 total.

The scenery was absolutely stunning!

Here’s a quick skim of the scenery:

View from the window
Another view from the window
The beautiful fountain outside of the hotel entrance

Since Quality Inn is apart of Choice Hotels, they offer free breakfast for all of their hotel guests. Which was one of my favorite hotel amenities. Especially since our stay was extremely affordable.

However, our car rental from enterprise was not that affordable but that’s a different story for a different day!

Anyway, now that I’ve showed you guys the inside of the hotel room as well as the outside of the hotel room, allow me to share with you guys our experience going to Washington, D.C. for the very first time ever.

The Gawddess Girls take over Washington!

On a mission to make our very first family vacation really enjoyable, I researched a few places to sight see in Washington, D.C. For those who are unaware, Alexandria, Virginia is only a 30 minute drive from Washington, D.C. You literally pass it while on your way entering Virginia. (If you’re driving from the New York area.)

(We did not go to the White House.)

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We ending up visiting the National Museum of American History, which was pretty cool. On the second floor there is an indoor play space for little ones aged 0-6 years old. No older than 6. I absolutely loved it. It is called “Wegmans Wonderplace.”

The Mini Melanin Gawddess enjoyed herself so much!

Check her out below:

(P.s. I blurred out the faces of the other children.)

Here are other photos from our trip to the museum:

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Before you plan a trip to Washington, D.C. please read this:


Parking Craze –

You may literally spend about one hour searching for parking. I’m from New York and I am aware of how limited parking may be but in Washington, D.C. it’s ridiculous.

Once you do find parking you will have to pay $6.00 for 3 hours worth of parking. If you are there with nothing but adults, then it’s great because one of you guys could easily run back to the car and pay for another 3 hours. If you are there with toddlers and infants, it would be more difficult to travel back to the car within 3 hours. Mainly due to the gravel and sand that covers the beautiful streets of Washington, D.C.

Yes, I said gravel and fricking sand!


Proper Attire –

As I mentioned above, due to the gravel and sand that covers the streets of Washington, D.C. you should dress properly. When I say dressed properly, I mean a good pair of walking or running sneakers, jeans, and a cotton T-shirt.

I went out there wearing some Jordans and let’s just say, Jordans are a no-no! Wear something way more comfy!


Be Prepared for Walking –

You have to be prepared for walking. Nine times out of ten, you will not find parking near the museums or near where you would like to sight-see. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for the walk.

How so?

  • Carry lots of fluids such as water or Gatorade (To prevent dehydration and to prevent going over your budget. Why? Washington, D.C. is a bit expensive, it’s better to purchase water or Gatorade from your home town to bring with you to avoid over spending.)
  • Smother yourself in sunscreen (If you plan on visiting during the summer time. Mainly because there is not much shade out there.)
  • Carry snacks for yourself and your little ones (You may get hungry from all of that walking around.)


Wait Time –

All…well most of the museums in Washington, D.C. are FREE to enter. Which is pretty darn awesome if you’re a budgetnista!

However, the wait time to enter the museums are somewhat long. Which was kind of bad since we only paid for 3 hours worth of parking. On top of that, our walk back to the car was about 15 minutes. We couldn’t really stay long. Which was a bummer.

It feels like you are in an airport. Let me just clarify, I have never been in an airport but I could only imagine how it is due to our experience. They have so much security and scanning, it’s like TSA! Approximately it took us about 10-15 minutes, just to get through that line. (P.s. It was not that crowded.)


Our experience was great! I would love to go back and see everything that we did not get to see.

This was our first travel blog post. Hopefully we will have more. So stay tuned, mates!

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Thanks for reading!

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