Top 3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Little One Healthy

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Top 3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Little One Healthy:

Being a new mom can be rough. There are plenty of new mothers that will tell you that having a baby will bring a series of difficult life changing challenges. Even if you currently already have children, once a new baby comes along, you will constantly be on alert with everything that they do. 

One of the main reasons that things are so challenging with new babies is that since babies are basically brand new little humans, they are just starting to develop.

Meaning what?

Meaning that their immune system is not strong yet. So it’s our number one duty to keep them safe from everything and yes, that even includes yucky germsSince their immune system is not quite developed yet, that means they have a tendency to get sick.

With flu season coming along, it’s extremely important that you know how to keep your baby as healthy as possible.

Having said that, I’ve managed to come up with some pretty cool ways to keep your little one healthy as ever.   So, here are some key things to do:


Hydration + Well Fed –

You must be careful when it comes to feeding and keeping your little one hydrated. They need to get the right amount of food and drink every day. You have to basically flood their body with essential nutrients that they will need to grow big and healthy. Give them a variety of healthy foods that contain vitamins which help boost their immune system as well. Also, try and breastfeed if you can, or at least find an alternative that provides them with the health benefits of breast milk.


Protect Them From The Weather –

Babies are super sensitive when it comes to the cold weather or sudden change in weather, which normally leads to them crying or getting sick. It’s best that you protect them from the weather so that they’re always warm, and constantly dry.

The first thing to do is get a proper stroller  or pram that keeps them protected whenever you’re out. A quick look at the Mothercare pushchair range, it will show you that some stroller prams that can fully cover the baby and act as a shield from the wind and rain. This is an essential feature that you desperately need!

Secondly, you should wrap your little bundle of joy up in warm clothes, keeping their head, hands, and feet covered. A baby’s body temperature can drop dramatically, leading to so many health problems, to make sure that this never happens you should keep them comfortable and warm!


Keep Their Hands Clean –

Babies are touchy! Are you aware that germs are mainly spread through hand-to-hand contact?  It’s true, we have more germs on our hands than anywhere else.

This is because we’re always touching things and rarely cleaning our hands. So, when someone goes to pick up your baby or touch stuff around them, they could be passing on some deadly germs that make your baby sick!

The same goes for you – you can be the one making your child get ill. All you have to do is become a bit of a handwashing freak. You should make sure that your hands are always clean when you touch your baby and get other people to clean their hands before they touch your child as well.

Make sure that you have antibacterial hand gel in your bag. Washing your little one’s hands frequently, would also prevent them from coming into contact with many harmful germs.


It’s our duty to protect our little love bugs from practically every and anything that could be harmful to them. Although it’s almost impossible to stop your baby from getting ill when they are little, by doing these three things, you will significantly reduce the chances of them getting sick, particularly during flu season.

Thanks for reading!

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