LIFE UPDATE: How I Maintained Work, School, and being a Mother this Summer


How I Maintained Work, School, and being a Mother this Summer –

The Mini Melanin Gawddess & The Melanin Gawddess. Photo Credit: Fresh Pixx Photography

This summer I was on a fricking roll, babes.

I was working on a heated campaign from July through a little bit of September, completing summer semester then shortly after starting my fall semester, and still managed to be a full time mother to my beautiful daughter, The Mini Melanin Gawddess.

People often asked me “how did you find the time to accomplish everything?“.

Well, I’m going to give you guys the tea on my summer time life, so grab yourself a seat.

So since I’m only 23 years old, I signed up for summer youth here in New York.

What is summer youth?

Summer youth is a program here in NYC where if you’re a teenager or a young adult aged 14-24 years old, you have the option to sign up and the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) will literally pick a job for you. Of course there is a ton of paper work and qualifications involved but you can read more about it here!

Anyway, I signed up for office work and they placed me at a campaign office.

Was that my choice?

Heck no! I wanted to do office work in an office building with pretty windows and dope scenery. However, beggars can not be choosers so I was grateful to even have the chance to do any type of work.

(Blogging is fun and all but let’s be real, it is not paying all of my bills. Therefore I needed this job as a back up plan.)

Anyway, like I stated, I was working on a campaign. My summer youth internship ended on August 11th. My supervisor liked me so she hired me full time. Which was nice because I really needed the money to help my family out.

Let me just say, campaigns require too much.

If you have a small child, a college student, etc, then the campaign life is not for you.

I am telling you right now!

I had to work on a weekend, I appeared at four different events with the candidate. I only enjoyed myself because the candidate was very nice and kind.

To sum up my experience working in the political field for a short period of time, personally it is not my cup of tea.


Simply because I have a small child that requires my presence and guidance, I am a full time freshmen college student, and I like my sanity a little too much. I refuse to neglect any of these for a job of any sort.

Jobs nowadays expect you to neglect your family, education, and health just to stay as an employee.

Sorry, not I!

Let’s keep this ball rolling…

Like I previously stated in one of my posts, all of my classes are online.


Because I wanted to still be around for my daughter. To each her things and to see her grow.

You can not bash me for wanting to be able to do those things while taking midterms at the same time.

Anyway, I needed completed my summer classes with “A” in my Business Ethics class and  “B” in my Introduction to Business class. It was not as easy as you guys would have expected. It was hard trying to multitask everything.

However, I managed to push through everything that I was going through just to finish those classes. I am sooooo very proud of myself.

I have a college registry in case you’re interested in helping a sister out.


Finally, maintaining motherhood!

I accomplished maintaining motherhood all summer. I cried most of the summer due to the stress of everything.

So I had to stop myself from overdoing as well as seek assistance from my support system. Everyone was very comforting and that helped ease the stress.


This summer we went on our very first family vacation and she learned a ton of new things.


Let’s just say, thanks to Grandma ….. The Mini Melanin Gawddess has been eating really…. Good. In other words, gaining some weightttttttt! My baby has put on some pounds while I was at work over the summer.

I would come home from work, do homework, play with my little girl and go to sleep. Weekends was strictly focusing on education. Learning flash cards, educational shows, etc.


Because EDUCATION starts at HOME. 

My baby is also very close to using the potty completely on her own. Which I’m very proud of!

Sum of the summer…

I mainly discovered 3 things about myself:

  1. Never work a campaign job again
  2. I kick butt at school and being under pressure
  3. I’m a darn good mother

Did you accomplish anything for the summer?

I’d love to hear about it, comment your response below!

Thanks for reading!

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