The Regret of not Doing More: The Waiting Game

The Regret of not Doing More:

The Waiting Game –

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It’s a known fact that time waits for no one.


Soon as you know it, the kids are grown, the house is empty, opportunities came but you never took a chance and in the end all you are left with are the memories.


Also many times, you’re left with regret.

The regret of not doing more will soon hit you.

This regret often turns into guilt. You will also begin to reminisce on past events and contemplate that you could have done more.


Below are some examples of things that you could have done:

  • Visited the kids or a loved one more
  • Hung around more
  • Spent more time with family & friends regardless of personal issues you may have going on
  • Made a better effort to keep in contact
  • Made a better attempt to go after the things that you truly wanted


And so forth.

You will begin to dislike that you were blind in that moment of time. Too blind to see that your presence was needed and too blind to follow your gut.


Too blind to realize that you’ve missed your chance to make a difference. A difference in someone else’s life. As well as a difference in your own life.


Now you’re left with yourself and that dark cloud of guilt. Now that’s something you will have to live with. 


In light of that, I’m writing this to say, you can still make a change.

Be more outgoing, spend more time with the kids or your loved ones.


Do not wait, waiting will only make you regret not taking advantage of the time that you had and will not get back.


The waiting game is never played intentionally. We are human, we all go through things. It’s natural and it’s apart of life.

We usually end up playing the waiting game when we are going through things, therefore, we’d eventually put off on everything to handle what we feel needs to be handled first.

Totally disregarding that everything we put off on deserves just as much of our attention at the same time.

We have to stop saying things like:

  • I’ll visit next weekend when the weather is warmer
  • I’ll see the kids next month for their birthday
  • I will call them back tomorrow
  • I will check it out at a later time



Because the truth is…. delaying things will eventually turn into a routine, unintentionally.

You’ll say “later” and “tomorrow“, but then when that day comes, you’ll end up putting it off again. It’ll keep going on like that until you have just enough free time.

Although, we do not do this on purpose, it happens way too often.

Then next thing we know, a year or two has gone by.

How can we change this? 

We could learn to multitask more. If we learn to master the art of multitasking, we will be able to accomplish more, spend our time more wisely, as well as evenly. That way we do not have to put things on hold anymore.

This waiting game has gone on to long. It’s time we stop procrastinating and start taking the initiative to get things done. One can only change if one truly desires to change.

In the end…

Life is too short to have more regrets than actual enjoyable experiences. 

Thanks for reading!

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