So Shine Bright! Revealing the Exclusive Deets on My Latest Look

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So Shine Bright!

Revealing the Exclusive Deets on My Latest Look –

About a week ago, I posted this awesome beautiful mess look on my Instagram story and the Gawddess Babes loved it! I honestly did not expect anyone to like it that much. I was a little heavy handed on the bronzer.

However, to my surprise, the response was great and successful!

Here’s the look:

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A few people contacted me trying to get the details on the products that I used and I was a little busy. Unfortunately, when I finally managed to free up some time, I ended up misplacing the eyeshadow and lippies that I used.

You know I had to quickly come up with the information for my loyal Gawddess Gang babes!

So here it is…grab your pen and your paper, babes. 

Or… you can screenshot this, like the rest of the world does… LOL!


Foundation –

I received my foundation complimentary from my babes at Influenster, it was from my CoverGirl VoxBox. (I have to write a post about that voxbox, I’ve been slacking.)

The foundation is the CoverGirl Trublend Matte Made in shade D70.

It’s so natural looking, a lot of people do not know that I’m even wearing foundation.

You can find your shade & purchase it by clicking here!


You can sign up for Influenster to get some freebies of your own by clicking here!

Photo taken from the Hikari Cosmetics site


Eyeshadow –

I received my eyeshadow in one of my monthly Ipsy Glam Bags.

This eyeshadow was Hikari Cosmetics – Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Fierce.

It is very pigmented; I barely added that much, and you guys see how much it freaking popped?


Although, it’s a cream based eyeshadow, it is not creamy to the point where it’s messy or sticky, it was just right! It glided on my eyelids with such ease.

Go get yourself some by clicking here!


Ombre Lips –

I created my ombre fall lips by using two products.


The first product that I used was the NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in the shade Bewitching (burgundy with a blue undertone.) I used this color to outline my lips. Then I lightly rubbed my lips together to create the smudge effect.

Photo credit:

Next I dabbed the second product, the Half Caked Lip Fondant in the shade Girl Crush, on the middle of my lips. Then once again, I lightly rubber my lips together to create an ombre effect.

Why do I use this method? 

I like the middle to look the freshest. After I do all of that, I usually repeat the first step again. Then boom! Pretty Ombre lips!

I’m not going to leave you guys in the dust.

You can pick up the NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in the shade Bewitching from here!


The Half Caked Lip Fondant in the shade Girl Crush is currently unavailable – so, the shade Hotter than Wassabi is extremely close to Girl Crush so you can buy that one here!

#4 :

Bronzer –

Now this is what you guys have been waiting for. I’m sort of extra, so I had to make you guys wait a little bit….LOL.

I did not use any highlighter for like, the first time in my life honey! When I was creating my “beautiful mess” look. I actually used a bronzer. This bronzer was the Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Bronzer in shade Skinny Dip.

Let me just say, this bronzer gave me life! It turned my dull look into a poppin‘ look!

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I love that everyone enjoyed this “beautiful mess” look. Please stay tuned for more!

P.s. I used the KAT VON D 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade Color Dark Brown on my brows. You can read more about this product in one of my previous posts.

Thanks for reading!

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