Enjoying Your Pregnancy: Top 8 Things to do While Pregnant

Enjoying Your Pregnancy:

Top 8 Things to do While Pregnant –

Being pregnant is an amazing experience, I would know. When you find out you’re pregnant you become really excited and filled with joy. you started to worry about a hundred different things at all once.

Such as:

  • Are you healthy enough?
  • Do you need to change up your lifestyle?
  • What kind of changes are your body going to go through?

Truth is, you are going to witness a lot of changes in your mood, health, skin and body, so it’s time for you to being preparing for that. Fighting skincare problems when you’re pregnant can be a woman’s biggest annoyance, you are not alone in this.

All you really need to know is how to deal with these rapid changes to your body in order to prevent them from becoming a big deal to you. Please remember that there is a tiny miracle growing inside you.

Your body is now becoming a wonderful environment for him or her to live in for the next nine months. You should embrace your pregnancy and enjoy the quiet time while you can! 

(Once you give birth, it will be a while before you can get some quiet time. I know this all too well.)

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Things You Will Experience:

Body Blues –

Your body is definitely going to change when you are pregnant, so you need to be aware of potential weight gain, stretch marks and scars. It’s all part of the process and there are many tips for healing your pregnancy stretch marks and getting your body back into shape.

You should not stress about these little things, all that matters is that you are producing a healthy little baby inside of your amazing body.

Things to do While Pregnant:


Marvelous Movement –

You should practice gentle exercise during pregnancy can actually have huge benefits for both you and your baby. Please be sure you seek advice from your doctor before starting a new exercise regime, as you want to make sure you aren’t harming the baby.

You could do some:

  • Walking
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

These are great and amazing recommended forms of exercise when you’re expecting. Please do not tire yourself out too much though. You need to get as much rest as much as possible.


Staying Hydrated –

You should be drinking plenty of water each day to make sure you and the baby are hydrated and happy. If you are sweating or exercising you will need to hydrate more often. Try to eat hydrating fruits and vegetables too such as watermelon and cucumber for that extra burst.

(Please be advised that the more liquids you consume, the more you will be forced to go to the bathroom. As if pregnancy doesn’t already force you to go to the bathroom frequently. Keep calm, it’s completely normal to use the bathroom a lot during pregnancy.)


Pay Attention to the Food You Eat –

When you think of cravings, almost the first thing anyone thinks is pregnancy. You might have a large amount of ridiculous cravings when you’re pregnant. There is nothing wrong sith satisfying your tastebuds. However you should watch what you eat and be careful not to overindulge on sugary or starchy snacks.


Because you do not want to end up like me. It would make you gain weight quickly. Before pregnancy I was 127 and I was 181 right before I gave birth. Yup! I gained 54lbs!

Therefore, it is essential to remember that whatever you eat, the baby will eat as well.

Cooking or having your spouse make meals, and making sure that you guys eat out less would really assist with watching what you eat.


Resting Easier –

Getting enough sleep each night is very important for a blossoming pregnant woman, so you try to go to bed early and adjust your typical routine. However, you might find it difficult to get to sleep some nights due to your little one moving around like they are doing the Cha-Cha Slide. Therefore, you will be experiencing a bit of aches and pains, but you will soon drift off to sleep afterwards.

Some simple methods you try to make yourself go to sleep:

  • Drinking warm chamomile tea


  • Reading a book 


Natural Skincare –

A lot of pregnant women skin tend to experience breaks out here and there. If you break out in zits or you suddenly have dry skin; it just means that your hormones will be trying to balance out and figuring out what to do.

You should begin using skincare products that are as natural as possible.


So you don’t aggravate your breakouts any further. As long as you are regularly moisturizing and keeping your skin clean then your skin will eventually go back to normal.


Meditation Relaxation –

Ever thought about starting up a meditation routine?  Meditating while pregnant can soothe your mind and assist you with sleeping better at night. Even if you only have time to do ten minutes a day it will make a huge difference to your mood. 

You should definitely give it a try!

man and woman eating ice creams


Enjoying Quality Time –

You have to enjoy as much quality time as you can before the baby gets here! As soon at your little one arrives your whole world will revolve around them. 

So, before he or she gets here, you should:

  • Go on date nights
  • Go to the movies
  • Head out to dinner

You and your partner should make the most of it.


Preparing for Go Time –

The count down has begun! You should decorate the baby’s room, have your hospital bag on standby in your closet or be out buying last minute things for your new addition.

You can get all of these jobs done right now, before it’s too late. Please remember to enjoy yourself while doing these things.


You should try to enjoy every moment and make every minute of your pregnancy by making it special and unique for you.

Thanks for reading!

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