Guys Take Notes: How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Guys Take Notes:

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal –

If you truly want the love of your life to say “I do” then you need to plan a proposal she cannot refuse. The last thing that you would want to do is let down your other half with a dry marriage proposal when you are set on her wanting to spend the rest of her life with you.

person holding ring case


So, how do you turn your girlfriend into your wife-to-be?


Well, it all begins with buying the perfect engagement ring. You do not have to spend a large amount on it. Just as longs as your proposal is good, of course she will say “yes.” This little sparkler is going to be on your partner’s finger for the rest of her life, so you have to make sure that you get it right the first time around.


How do you find the perfect engagement ring?


  • Do not go beyond your budget – Make sure it is something you can comfortably afford. There is no need to put yourself in a financial strain. Companies such as Tacori have a wide range of rings that cover various price points. Therefore, you can find something that is affordable for you, that way you do not go over your budget.


  • Metal types – It is always a good idea to look for a metal that matches the style of jewelry that your partner usually wears. For example, if she tends to wear silver jewelry you should stay away from yellow gold. That way you can pick something that she truly will love!


  • Quality diamond – Be sure to go for a quality diamond. GIA certification ranks a diamond based on color, clarity, cut and carat. This is why you should buy diamonds from a certified jeweler. They will present you with the certificate so you can know exactly what you are buying.


  • Diamond Shape – This all depends on your girlfriend’s taste. You have a large amount of options to choose from, such as; heart, emerald, oval, round, princess, marquise, pair and so much more. The options are almost endless.


  • Ring size – Sneak a ring out of your partner’s jewelry box without them noticing to ensure you get the ring size right. If your girlfriend does not wear a ring, then it may be a tad bit difficult. However, there are many ways you can sneakily get their ring size.

Now the ring is sorted, the next thing you need to do is plan the perfect proposal…

What should you consider when planning a wedding proposal?


  • Ask for her family’s permission – This may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it is traditional. Her family will really respect the fact that you have considered their feelings. Your girlfriend will also love that you have done the respectful thing.


  • Do what your girlfriend will love – A lot of men get the proposal wrong because they think about what they would like rather than what will make their girlfriend happy. If your partner is the shy type then proposing in front of a full restaurant may not go down too well. Think about their personality and do your research before choosing a proposal technique.


  • Keep it a secret – Try your best not to make it obvious – even if you want to get a feeling for whether your other half would say yes or not. The best proposals are those that are a surprise.


  • Stay true to yourself – Do not copy the other ways. There are no right or wrong proposals. It is all about you and your partner. Do something that is going to be special to you both.


Hopefully, by using this information you feel more prepared when it comes to planning the perfect wedding proposal.

Thanks for reading!

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