Be Careful of the Bridges You Choose to Burn: 3 Reasons Why You Need To Be Careful Burning the Wrong Bridges

Be Careful of the Bridges You Choose to Burn:

3 Reasons Why You Need To Be Careful Burning the Wrong Bridges –



One of the hardest things to do in life is knowing which bridges to burn and which bridges to keep. Burning bridges can be a thrill seeking yet dangerous choice. Burning bridges with the right people will not have any effect on your life, but burning bridges with the wrong people…that can be affect you in a negative way.

Let’s discuss 3 reasons why you should be careful burning the wrong bridges:


Are you sure? –

Before you burn a bridge you need to carefully think it out to yourself. You really need to ask yourself, “Is this someone that I want to cut off completely?” or “am I just cutting them off due to anger?“.

You know, sometimes we do things and say things out of anger that we really don’t mean. That does not excuse the fact that you said something hurtful or did something spiteful to a person you once cared about. This person could be a family member, a friend, associate, etc.

People often like to burn bridges then attempt to repair things and go back to normal. In all reality, you cannot burn a bridge and expect it to be rebuilt overnight. Things do not happen like that. That is so unrealistic.

Do not go out into the world cutting off people if you’re unsure that you want to keep them out of your life. You may actually end up losing a person who was really down for you.


Unknown Future –

Truthfully speaking, we cannot predict the future. The bridges you burn today, you may need again tomorrow. You never know when you will need that person again. Small things are forgivable but big things are not so easy to forgive. However, cutting the wrong person off in unforgivable.

Personal Experience:

Personally, I’ve had many people cut me off. I was like “wow, okay.” Then boom, later on in the month, or as the years go by they attempt to contact me. Nope. In my book of rules, cutting off people who had your back is highly unforgivable.


Bad Timing –

Everyone is fighting demons that you may not see or they may not talk about. Therefore, choosing to burn a bridge if a person may seem a little out of norm then cutting them off may not be the right thing to do.

Depression affects people silently. If you have a friend or a family member who may be suffering from depression, then reach out to them. Instead of feeling like they may only be distant with you, it would be great to check on them to make sure that they are okay.

Sometimes they may be going through certain situations that require their complete isolation.

For example:

After giving birth to The Mini Melanin Gawddess, I suffered from depression for over a year. Very few people wanted to be around me and a few people even cut me off. I was in a very emotional state. I had very few friends who actually cared.

After I got out of my depressive state, and began to reclaim my life, those people who cut me off decided that it was the right time to waltz back into my life. However, I did not take that lightly, I kept my distance and still keep my distance til this very day.

When you hit rock bottom, you will begin to realize who really has your back and who does not have your back.


When it comes to burning bridges, please make sure that you fully understand the consequences of your actions. You should come up with a good explanation to why you are cutting off that person. Do not do things in the heat of the moment or based off of emotions.

Thanks for reading!

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