Little Black Dress Birthday Fashion: Winkgal and XY London

(Disclaimer: I inserted my amazon affiliate link. I also received one of these products complimentary for reviewing purposes, however, all opinions expressed are my own.)

Hey babes, first off I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished me “Happy Birthday,” on my birthday which was on Sunday, November 25th.

If you did not wish me happy birthday, it’s okay, I still love you!

Let me give you guys the deets (details) on the whole outfit that I wore:

This beautiful open back skater dress was purchased from I bought it a few months ago, March, to be exact. I never got a chance to wear it so I decided to wear it for my birthday gathering.

I purchased the Wink Gal Women A line Backless Round Neck Sleeveless Cocktail Mini Casual Dress on and it was just super perfect.

Enjoying my birthday night out with my family

I was looking good! I had one really great night. This dress was very comfortable. It was snug fit in the waist area, and loose fit at the bum (booty) area. Which is ideal for little mama’s like myself.

Like I stated in my previous fashion post, ‘Cause I Look Good For Cheap : Walmart Jeans Review, I am only like 116 lbs and 5’4 ft. I am a tiny little thanggg, that’s why I need a snug fit. Something to fit my tiny frame.

This is a photo that I took from Amazon. This is how the front of the dress looks!


The only negative part of the dress was that you cannot move too fast, or try to twerk low while wearing it. You may want to wear some shorts underneath if you are a wild dancer because your behind will show.

Ha! So a little side twerking with one leg up is good, just do not drop down low, you will regret it.


The boob area is great, if you do not mind a little side boob action. I breast feed and my boobs have a little bit of sag going on, so a V-neck  type of dress would have definitely cramped my style. However, a little side boob never hurt anybody!

I also enjoyed how it swayed with my every movement! 

Overall, my experience with the Wink Gal Women A line Backless Round Neck Sleeveless Cocktail Mini Casual Dress was better than I actually expected. 


I give this dress a 5 out of 5 stars! It made my night way more memorable.

If you are interested in purchasing one, go right ahead, sis. It was only $26.99

Buy Now

Boot Action Deets (details):

I know that you guys could not really see the boots that I had on because of the way the picture was set up. So I took off my boots and took some great photo’s for you guys.

(Disclaimer: I received these beautiful black boots complimentary as a gift from my babes at XY London!)

Here’s a clear photo of the boots

I have been wearing the XY London: Mandy Black Synthetic Leather Lace Up Knee High Boots since the weather got cold. It has been a life saver. You guys know that New York City weather is very mixed up and it gets really cold at times.

Since it was raining the night I went out, I felt like the Mandy Black Synthetic Leather Lace Up Knee High Boots would make a great add on to the Wink Gal Women A line Backless Round Neck Sleeveless Cocktail Mini Casual Dress


These boots are comfy! They fit me so perfect and it does not make my feet look huge or anything. These boots are great for all kinds of weather and will shield your feet from getting wet during the rain. 

They are good quality.


I give these boots a 5 out of 5 stars! They are good quality to be synthetic leather. That shocked the heck out of me, babes.

If you’re interested in buying, please make sure that you know your shoe size in UK (United Kingdom). These boots ship straight from London!

If you are in London already, then great, go pick yourself up a pair. These boots are £29.99. (The symbol means British Pound, that is the currency that they use in the United Kingdom)

Buy Now


I had fun, I danced the night away in my Wink Gal Women A line Backless Round Neck Sleeveless Cocktail Mini Casual Dress and my XY London: Mandy Black Synthetic Leather Lace Up Knee High Boots

If you guys enjoys this awesome review, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of them that are coming soon. 

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Thanks for reading!

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